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w00t!! Funny Breaks into the Top 100

 OMG! Funny just made it onto the first page of WiseBread’s Top 100+ Personal Finance Blogs! Number 99 out of 100, with an Alexa ranking of 127,986.

This, thanks to Financial Samurai‘s Yakezie Challenge to bloggers who wanted to improve their traffic and various measures of popularity. The idea was, by July 4, to move your ranking from wherever it was up to the next rung. If, say, you were in the 200,000s (on a scale of 1 at the highest to a zillion at the leastest), you would vow to break into the 100,000s. If you were already there, you would try to get into the five digits. And so on. The theory behind Sam’s scheme: Power in numbers. Collaboration surely had to get us all somewhere.

Funny was a late-comer to this effort. Several friends urged me to join, but I was busy and came up with many excuses to drag my feet. Finally, a little more than a month ago, I downloaded the medallion, installed the Alexa toolbar, and announced FaM’s participation.

At the outset, FaM’s ranking was about 235,000. In just a week or two, this dropped to 199,463. It took 29 more days to arrive at today’s figure, which lifts the site into the Top 100.

So, who are these Yakezieites and what can they do? Just yesterday, Penny at The Saved Quarter published a really nice round-up of the some of the members’ best posts. This is a great place to go to find PF bloggers showing off their favorite work.

From the Yakezie site I found what appears to be the latest membership list and alphabetized it. There may be others who don’t appear on the list—I see a few names on Penny’s post that don’t seem to be here, while some here aren’t in hers. But it was the only membership list I could find. This, then, is my version:

The Amateur Financier
Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance
Beating Broke
Bible Debt
Bucksome Boomer
Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
Canadian Finance Blog
Car Negotiation Coach
Chasing Prosperity
The Centsible Life
Christian Common Cents
CJ Bowker
Consumer Boomer
Cool to Be Frugal
Couple Money
Credit Card Chaser
Dividend Monk
Downturn Living
Early Retirement Extreme
Eliminate the Muda
Ending the Rat Race
Engineering Your Finances
Evolution of Wealth
Family Balance Sheet
Financial Samurai
Fiscal Fizzle
Foreigner’s Finances
Free from Broke
Frugal Confessions
Frugal Zeitgeist
Funny about Money
Girl with the Red Balloon
Deliver Away Debt
Invest It Wisely
Joe Taxpayer
Len Penzo dot Com
Little House in the Valley
Miss Thrifty
Money Beagle
Money Funk
Money Reasons
More Style than Cash
My Financial Objectives
My Journey to Millions
The Millionaire Nurse
My Money Minute
Narrow Bridge Adventures
Not Made of Money
151 Days Off
One Money Design
Out of Debt Again
Peak Personal Finance
Personal Finance by the Book
Personal Finance Ninja
PF Firewall
Planting Dollars
Punch Debt in the Face
Rainy Day Saver
Redeeming Riches
The Saved Quarter
Saving Money Today
Simple Life in France
Single Guy Money
Single Mom, Rich Mom
Stay at Home Mom CFO
Sweating the Big Stuff
Ultimate Money Blog
Watson Inc.
Wealth Pilgrim
Well-heeled Blog
Young and Thrifty

Many of our doughty bloggers have reached the WiseBread Top 100. Some were already there at the time the Yakezie Challenge began. And others are closing in fast.

Bookmark Penny’s page and this page! Come back and check out each of these ambitious writers’ sites as you have time. You’ll find it’s very rewarding.


13 thoughts on “w00t!! Funny Breaks into the Top 100”

  1. Thanks for the mention! I used the list on the Google sheet, crosschecked with Credit Card Chaser. There could be other lists that I missed, and if I missed a Yakezie blog, I’m sorry. I’m happy to edit in anyone I missed!

  2. @ Saved Quarter: It’s really hard to navigate some parts of the Yakezie site, especially if you’re not accustomed to using Google’s whatever-it-is, which I’m not. I’m pretty sure there’s more than one membership list, because at some point along the line I stumbled on something that looked like a different list. I used the one I bookmarked when I first joined, which may be out of date by now.

    Ditto SQ to one and all: if you’re not on this list, my apologies! Any omissions are inadvertent.

  3. The Yakezie list has been growing, and growing, and growing. Sort of like the energizer bunny! If it keeps it’s momentum, we should all be seeing lots of benefits as the group continues to flourish. Thanks mentioning my link!

  4. @ all who commented on “Top 100”: Thanks! The one thing it really proves is the value of an online network for bloggers. Sam really got on to something when he came up with this idea. I’d never heard of Alexa before the Yakezie Challenge came along, and although of course I knew about Wisebread’s PF blog ranking, I didn’t understand its significance.

    Clearly, Yakezie’s existence will make the Top 100 a lot more competitive. I’ll be very happy if FaM manages to cling to the front page, even for a while.

    For me the real meaning in this is improved understanding of how rankings in general work and how one might find ways to increase traffic and visibility.


    I made it to the front page and dropped back off it. 🙁 Here’s hoping you can continue to jump up the list. 🙂

    • Thanks, all. Kelly’s got the point here..with a hundred or more bloggers from Yakezie competing in addition to the techie folks who knew about this phenomenon before Financial Samurai pointed it out to us plus the very large sites that no one is likely ever to dislodge, the competition for the front page has to be pretty fierce. I won’t consider FaM truly “there” until (make that unless) it gets about a third of the way up that page in the rankings.

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