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Weaseled Out!

Ohhh naughty human! SDXB has been trying to wrangle me into a day trip. The poor guy has been working at it literally for weeks. Nay, even months. He wants to drive up to the newly revived Castle Hot Springs, a historic resort that has been massively and expensively renovated. Every time he’s made a plan, though, something has come up to dash his hopes — usually rain.

Well. Entre nous, I’ve been to Castle Hot Springs, and I’ve been to expensive fancified historic resorts, most notably the Greenbrier. And I kinda think once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Simply haven’t been able to work myself up to much enthusiasm for this proposed junket.

He put up another lady friend of his to come along on the trip…which is good…because… Along about 5 p.m. I realized said journey was going to occupy the entire damn day tomorrow. And…there’s no way I’m going to go off and leave a dog door big enough to admit a 200-pound man standing open with only a 25-pound pooch between some sh!thead and a houseful of possessions. Including the cute, highly stealable pooch herself.

In a desultory way, I e-mailed M’hijito and asked if he could come by during the noon hour and let her out. He said he would be working at home tomorrow and I could leave her at his place. To do that and then get out to Sun City by the appointed hour — 8:30 in the freaking morning — I’d have to feed her; feed me; get myself washed painted combed, and dressed; and leave the house by no later than 7:3o. Matter of fact, 7:15 would be more like it. Then after dropping off the dog, brave the unholy rush-hour traffic on the 17 and the 101. Then along about 5 p.m., repeat the process in reverse.

Whee. What fun.

When I hadn’t heard back from the kid — after all of about 15 minutes — I told SDXB that I felt it would be cruel and irresponsible to leave the dog here with no way to get out and relieve herself all day. He seemed…unsurprised.

Oh, well.


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