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When real estate is funnier than real life…

Here’s a fine, recently built little palace, billed as 1,400 to 1,600 square feet, for sale in the far-flung Phoenix suburb of Anthem, an instant “community” that contributed richly to the destruction of, at the height of the real estate boom, an acre an hour of irreplaceable Sonoran desert habitat. This great lake of lookalike tracts was expected to house as many people as live in the city of Flagstaff, Arizona, most of whom would commute (endlessly!) into town over one, count it, one freeway.

In 2005, somebody paid $329,000 for this place. The current owners have been trying to unload it for the past seven months, with no luck, at the bargain-basement price of $199,000—a 39.5 percent loss on their investment.

The address?

2446 West Myopia Drive

😆    🙄    😆

3 thoughts on “When real estate is funnier than real life…”

  1. No joke!

    Some developer didn’t know how to a use a dictionary. Developers and our City Fathers often display the results of our state’s low-functioning school system. We have a long street that stretches halfway across the Valley (so you get to see the street signs often) called “Joan De Arc Drive,” and a friend lives on “Interlacken Drive.” Sic, sic, and sic!

  2. To soothe my brain, I have to believe someone out there is just doing that because they think it’s funny. Much like how I deliberately mispronounce certain words just to annoy my friends.

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