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Á la recherche des mops perdus…

One of the disturbing things that happens to you as you enter your dotage is that everyday tools, objects you use in your plain old domestic life, disappear from the market. Case in point: the ordinary, boring, indispensable wet mop.

Last time the Luz the Wondrous Cleaning Lady visited, she remarked that our mop is…well, a “late” mop.

  • Shot.
  • Kaput.
  • Done for.

Suspecting that a Walmart in a working-class neighborhood would be likely to carry the sturdiest and the worthiest of mops on the market, I dropped by our nearby Walmart supermarket and picked up a new mop head. Proudly presented that to her.


It had a round fitting. Ours has a long flat fitting.

Mops come in two designs. Who knew?

So this morning I went in search of a correctly designed mop head.

Started at the Lazy Broad’s Supermarket: Amazon.

Mop heads? We ain’t got no steenkin’ mop heads!

Well, they do. But none of them were in the desired style to fit our existing mop handle thingie.

Uhmmm… Ohhhkayyyy…none o’ that, then. How about a whole new mop in the desired style?

Noooooo…. Not so much. Look up “wet mop” and you get a plethora (ain’t that a grand word?) of round things that look like dustmops.

AMAZON doesn’t have ordinary boring kitchen floor MOPS???????

Well, evidently  not. Not so’s I could find, anyhow.

Finally I stumbled upon one (count it: 1) classic janitor’s-style wet mop. Hang onto your hat, now…

The price was FIFTY BUCKS!

For a frikkin’ MOP!

I personally don’t care for machines. They’re heavy, they’re a nuisance with their damn cords trailing around under your feet and their pesty water vats, and they’re pointlessly expensive. Okay, not as pointlessly expensive as fifty dollah for a wet mop. But still…

Now, I could get down on hands and knees and scrub the damn kitchen floor with microfiber rags and Simple Green. But there’s not a chance in Hell that I’m gonna ask the Cleaning Lady from Heaven to do any such thing!

Off to the Target on 19th Avenue, in the moribund Chris-Town shopping center at 19th and Camelback.

The beloved Costco and the Penney’s in that historic shopping center closed their doors some months ago. Result: the whole damn place has withered. It appears that the Target is about the only establishment still open there. That and a spectacularly tacky Walmart. And it is not what you would call “heavily trafficked.”

Finally I locate the cleaning gear, and in amongst it find the mops: $22 for a stick with a wad of strings on the end.

Holy shee-ut.





Think of that.

The mop is now acquired. However, it does appear that this is the last mop we’re gonna own. Next floor-cleaning device, I guess, is going to have to be something that plugs into an electric socket.

And we wonder why we have global warming?

6 thoughts on “Á la recherche des mops perdus…”

    • Hmmm… Good thought. And too bright a thought for my age-enfeebled brain. 😀 It’s a schlep to the HD and an even longer schlep to the Lowe’s…but either one would almost certainly have had the desired precious mop.

      I also use microfiber to clean the tile. Not a special mop, either: If you get a plain old microfiber rag wet in some dilute Simple Green and attach it to the empty head of a dust mop, it will do a very fine job, indeed, of cleaning your tile floors. Without you having to heave, haul, wring, and cuss. Then you can drop it right into the washer with the other rags, run it through, and voilà! Just as clean as before you turned it black on your floor.

      But y’know what? When you are the Cleaning Lady from Heaven, you get whatever your marvelous heart desires! Any tools she wants, I provide them. <3 She likes a string mop? B'gawd, she gets a string mop!

  1. I have a steam mop. They run somewhere in the neighborhood of $100. Despite the cord, I really like the idea that I’m using steam to clean–and skipping the cleaning products.

  2. Someone else mentioned it, but yes – Home Depot has the exact mop from your photo, for $18, or refills for $10 for a 2 pack 😀

    • Makes sense! As I get lazier, these days I tend to avoid schlepping up there. It’s a drive, And their growing policy of forcing as many customers as possible through electronic checkout is annoying…especially to those of us who see those DIY checkout stands as a device to lay off already underpaid staff.

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