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A little frugalista prepper strategy…

Okay, this one is not prepping for the day the stock market crashes into the sub-basement of the Bush Recession. This is a day-to-day routine prep that can come in extremely handy. And it’s outrageously simple:


Yeah. Take all the cards and IDs and whatnot and lay them in neat rows and columns on your printer’s scanner bed. Press COPY. Now flip each one over, keeping the things in the same order, and press COPY again.

Print these out. Oh, what the heck: print out two or three copies. Stash at least one of them in a safe place where you know you can find it. Put the others in places that you might look if you forget where you put the safe place that you knew you could find.

This can be a lifesaver if your lose your wallet or any of your cards.

I never did find the brass card case that held my personal AMEX card, my new Medicare card, my Medigap insurance card, and misc. other junk cards like the grocery store “membership” annoyances. Of the ones that matter, the only ones that were not copies were the credit card and the Medigap card. I carry copies, not originals, of the Medicare card, but I’d carried the original Medigap card because it has the company’s contact information on the back, which doctors’ offices often want.

Sooo… Needed to call the Medigap carrier — no point in even bothering to call Medicare, it’s SUCH a nightmare trying to get through to a human being, and nine times out of ten whoever you do reach is clueless — and ask for a new card. As I contemplate having to paw through a pile of paperwork to get the apposite numerals to reel off to the CSR at the end of the punch-a-button maze, I remember that indeed I do have a copy of the thing.

Hauled out the sheet, copied it, cut out the photocopied x 2 Medicare and Medigap cards, stuck them in the card case, and voilà! So had no problem this morning ordering up a new Medigap card from GPM Life.

Related tip: Do this about once a year. The cards in your wallet change — you get a new account number when you lose a credit card, you ditch one card and get another, and…whatnot. Keep the set of cards you’ve copied up to date.

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