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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Coming down to the finish line…

No time to write this morning: overslept and so have only 45 minutes before the morning constitutional with La Maya. Then must get back to indexing medieval and Renaissance history.

And in the “only” department: only about 130 pages left to go on that: then the task of typing it all up. This will be the last major project I need to do for the Great Desert University.

Once it’s done, I’m outta there. The State of Arizona owes me almost 352 hours of unused vacation time. The most the state will pay for is 176 hours (although I noticed on my latest paycheck that they’re getting set to try to short me. Hallelujah! Another fight with HR comin’ up!). So what one does, I’m given to understand, is to take all the use-it-or-lose-it time at the end one one’s tenure, by way of moving the exit day forward.

If my math is right, that will put me out the door on November 30. The Thanksgiving holiday will add another two workdays to that, meaning I turn in my keys on November 25.

Folks. That is eight workdays from now. I’ve hauled all my junk home, and turning in the keys is literally all that remains to be done, other than finishing the index.

Now, that may  not happen in eight days. It takes a good week of 12-hour days to compile a decent index of this book-length annual, and that’s without working around two freshman comp classes. I haven’t even looked at the student papers that came in on Friday, and another raft is due from the Monday class today. At the time I agreed to take on the community college classes, I knew it meant an avalanche of work would crash down on me at the end of the semester. What we’re hearing is the rumble of rock beginning to slide downhill.

It’ll be worth it, though. GDU drives Indians mad, and they’ve done a fair job of it with me. Will tell you all about it once I’m safely out of the white man’s camp.

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  1. Oh holy cow, that’s right around the corner. Looking forward to the return of sanity.

  2. Soon we’ll see whether I’m independently insane or whether my madness is imposed by external forces. 😀