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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Who’s that comin’ down the street? Someone who’s hungry!

Next time you walk up a busy sidewalk or drive down a crowded street, consider this: twelve in every one hundred people around you may be going hungry because of the recession. Yes. That would be three in every twenty-five of your fellow townspeople.

That’s if you’re in one of America’s more privileged regions, somewhere in the Northeast. If you live in the Southeast, something like fifteen in one hundred of your fellow pedestrians or drivers is hungry. And not because they’re on the Atkins diet. Three in twenty wonder where their next meal will come from.

As President Obama reported recently, “food stamp applications are surging and food pantry shelves are emptying.”

That sure is true here in lovely uptown Arizona. And we’re not even in the areas alleged to be the hardest bit.

Got a package of spaghetti, a box of rice, a can of soup, a bottle of baby food? If you’re not going hungry yourself, why don’t you take that stuff to your nearest food bank. Now. Right this minute. Get up, drop the chow in a bag, and get yourself and the bag of loot to the food bank. Don’t wait.

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  1. There was an article on this very topic yesterday, perhaps in NYT (?). People’s cupboards are getting bare.

    I tend to overbuy pantry items (another bad holdover from grad school poverty). Last week, we cleaned out the excess and donated it to a food bank. A relief in many senses.

  2. If an item I usually buy happens to have a BOGO I buy it, I put the “free” one aside and when I have several items I donate the food. Just today I handed in a few boxes of pasta with jars of sauce, several boxes of Kraft mac and cheese (on sale for .50 a box) and a bunch of soup. Works out great. I can help others and it doesn’t hurt my budget.

  3. I volunteer at a local food pantry and we are up from 45 families to 75.
    This is FAMILIES not just single people.
    The need is so great, but please, do not donate junk or spoiled food.
    If you wouldn’t eat it no one else should and it takes a lot of man hours to sort through bad cans, broken and leaking boxes or produce that is rotten.
    We are so thankful for soap, tooth brushes, detergent, and toilet paper.
    Thank you for blogging about this issue, we are all in this world together.

    • Thanks, Carol!

      One of our food banks is asking for people to please donate baby food in cans, not bottles (which break). Also they’re saying that staples like pasta, rice, and beans, which keep well and don’t need to be refrigerated, are good. Here, too: if it’s been sitting in your pantry for the past year, toss it and buy something fresh to donate.