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If You’d Asked Me, I Would’ve Told You…

Some of us prefer paper and pencil (yea verily, graphite) for making notes and keeping calendars. Consider:

A pencil does not have to be turned on, rebooted, or turned off.
Pencils are never updated.
Once you know how to use a pencil, there’s never a new learning curve to figure out how to keep on using it.
Pencils never stop working just because the power goes out.
Pencils cannot be hacked by some jerk in Russia.
Pencils cannot readily be watched by Big Brother.
If you lose it, a pencil can be replaced easily and cheaply.
No one can call you on a pencil while you’re in the middle of lunch or dodging homicidal drivers on the freeway.

The best button on the TV remote is the “Off” button.

PBS’s beg-a-thons are more intrusive than advertising because they take whole shows off the air and replace them with garbage.

I never could understand why PBS imagines people who are affluent enough to donate are fascinated by bloviated lectures and superannuated pop musicians.

whiteseatA person who would upholster the seat of a dining-room chair in white fabric with satiny-looking fleurs-de-lis either never eats or is crazy as a loon.

Loons get a bad rap as crazies, especially as compared with the jabbering great ape that has taken over the planet.

Subjecting yourself to plastic surgery because you imagine it will make you look younger is amazingly stupid.

The pathetic idea that you must get cosmetic surgery to hide your age so you can get or keep a job reflects a truly ugly loathing for the elderly already widespread and rapidly growing in American culture.

Except in the direst emergencies, cop helicopters should be banned from flying over residential neighborhoods.

Gawker “news” helicopters should be banned, period.

Stilettos-heels-publicdomainHigh heels were and still are designed by men who hate women.

Images: Pencil, heels: public domain. Chair: shamelessly ripped off from an estate-sale ad.

5 thoughts on “If You’d Asked Me, I Would’ve Told You…”

  1. Bravo…I agree on all counts. Speaking of furniture…instead of this “content” on PBS today what happened to the “furniture guys” and their exploits on finding …repairing and reupholstering furniture. Believe they were a couple of Brooklyn guys and they were a hoot….Good show…informative and entertaining….

  2. To PBS’s credit, they do need the money. Their budgets are practically all dependent on outside funding since the government gives very little annually, and smaller PBS affiliates get even smaller budgets than larger cities. I agree that it’s annoying to watch, but I don’t think they’re successful with direct mail fundraising enough to stop with the telethon drives.

    You’re correct about the terrible quality of free stuff they give out sometimes though… like who would want that stuff for free?

  3. The Devil Wears Prada

    The Mrs. is not a slave to fashion at all. I’m a jeans and white T-shirt person.

    What works at work works and what works around the ranch works also.

    Since we both lost our jobs it doesn’t matter what works at work.

  4. On the other paw PBS spend more time on this telethon call ins they do 3-4 times a year.

    I do listen to KNPR on the radio (Las Vegas) because they do have some great shows and the FM comes in great out here in the desert.

    Some of their hosts are very liberal but they have some very interesting topics for their show.

    They really need to do away with this member telethon thing and just get 5 minutes of commercial ad’s per hour to let the people listen instead of interrupting the programming 2 times an hour, begging for money.
    PBS and NPR were supposed to be non-profit.

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