Coffee heat rising

Largesse à la Uncle Sam

Lo! Some $1,200 (maybe) arrived in the mail, ostensibly from some outfit called, unconvincingly, “Money Network.” This largesse, the paper inside the envelope assures us, is from Uncle Sam: all ours to spend as we wish, to the tune of a variety of exorbitant service fees.

It looks very fishy.

To start with, whoever heard of “Money Network”? Welp: get online and yea verily! find that it’s legit

Actually, just how much this thing is worth is unclear. Nothing in the enclosed paperwork actually says how much is loaded on this card. But it does contain a series of come-ons apparently inviting you to charge up as much as $9999.99. So…now on Monday, as if I had nothing else to do with my time and gasoline, I’ll have to traipse this thing up to the credit union and deposit it in my checking account.

Since this year is already a little tight, I guess the money can go toward paying some of the staggering plumbers’ bills.

Hmmm… Would $1200 (or whatever it is) buy me into a place in Prescott? Yarnell, maybe?

Cop helicopter just flew over. Figured maybe the “fireworks” we just heard might not have been actual firecrackers but gunshots from up on Gangbanger’s Way, the direction from which this latest little serenade emanated. Distant roaring noise rumbles through the windows and back door.

Dog lobbies to go out, so get up and go open the back door. No, the noise is not the cop copter. It’s just the traffic and the drag racing up on Gangbanger’s. The cops have overshot the ‘Hood and are hovering over the far more active and interesting neighborhood to the northwest. They’re a good distance beyond Conduit of Blight. That’s good. I guess.