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Speaking of Nightmaring…

So how did you enjoy the latest episode in our national nightmare?

What a mess. At least two people killed, as of this hour, a young woman and a capitol police officer. A farcical clown in the President’s office, rehearsing his next brain-defying act: pardoning himself for whatever crimes he can be accused of committing. Congress and various officials absurdly proposing to impeach said clown (as if they don’t remember they’ve already impeached him: how’d that work for ya, folks?). Others proposing to bat him out of office with the 25th Amendment…when he has thirteen, count’em 13 days left to serve.

Goes from stupid to stupider, doesn’t it?

Friend o’ mine remarked that he’d voted for Trump reluctantly because he found the alternative even more repellent.

{sigh} Afraid I feel about the same when it comes to the choices we’re offered. You hold your nose, think holy sh!t, and cast a ballot…as far away from you as you can throw it. For me, Trump was totally, hilariously not an option. But then we had…gulp! Billary! 

Uh huh… Also not much of an option.

Where, oh WHERE was Dwight when we needed him?

As for Biden? I think he’s probably a decent man…at least, more so than the choices we had four years ago. My problem with him is that he’s too old. IMHO the chances that he will survive four high-pressure years in the White House are slim to none. And as for his vice president? Well…  ??????????????? Heaven help us if Biden does croak over, or has a stroke that incapacitates him.

My problem with the present incarnation of the Democratic Party is that any critter that’s white and not female (or gay) is brushed off as somehow not fully what we want — no matter what their qualifications. I find that sterling stupid, just about as sterling stupid as Mr. Trump and his worshipers are.

I do. not. CARE. what gender or color a candidate or office-holder is. All I want of a candidate or office-holder is to be honest and, above all, COMPETENT. How hard is this? What about this is somehow morally sub-par?

That would be why Pete Buttegieg was my boy. Queer as a coot: that’s good…appeals to the PC set. White like me…that’s ducky, I guess. Has a measurable IQ. Bingo! Three qualities are a charm! Probably about as good as a person could hope for, in a candidate for public office.

Now we have the screaming, chanting, and dancing around the campfire about the freaking 25th Amendment. 

How can I count the facets of Stupid in this? Other than pushing a button to blow up Moscow (how hard would it be to have the janitor climb under the desk and disconnect the damn thing?), there’s not a helluva lot more that Trump can do, beyond emitting a continuing stream of ridiculous tweets. He has utterly lost all credibility. He has all of thirteen days left to call himself President. DROP IT, FOLKS! The big bad wolf has lost all his teeth!

Gaaaaahhhhh!  We’re STILL not back in Kansas, are we?




6 thoughts on “Speaking of Nightmaring…”

  1. I guess I am more concerned than you with what that man could think to do between now and the inauguration.
    Who could have ever imagined the things he has done and caused just since the election?
    How many lives could have been saved if he had been an adult and told the country about the virus when it was first known about by intelligence? If he listened or read his briefings?
    We would have known how it was spread at the outset and what to do to protect ourselves and others.
    He could have been a leader instead of refusing to take responsibility.

    • Yes. He’s been responsible for an unholy amount of chaos and disaster — including, IMHO, this latest outrage. I hold him responsible for the circumstances that have allowed crazies like the ones we saw at the Capitol getting whipped up into such an insane frenzy that they believe they can succeed with open insurrection. But frankly, that mob is not the only bunch of treasonous crazies we need to be concerned about. It will be years before this country recovers from the destructive forces set in motion by Mr. Trump and by the wealthy traitors who took over the Republican Party. His moneyed sponsors thought he would be their tool. They had no idea what kind of genie they were letting out of the bottle.

  2. The main thing I think he will try to do is pardon a lot of people who shouldn’t be pardoned, starting with his noxious family. It would be good for future accountability if that didn’t happen.

    • Yep. The pardon-frenzy is just beginning,

      My concern is that Trump’s abuses will lead Congress to get rid of the presidential power to pardon…and that is not necessarily a good thing.

  3. I’m so depressed, I can’t even talk about it right now. I will say this, Trump needs to go to prison. I hope that happens.

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