Coffee heat rising

Speaking of Nightmaring…

So how did you enjoy the latest episode in our national nightmare?

What a mess. At least two people killed, as of this hour, a young woman and a capitol police officer. A farcical clown in the President’s office, rehearsing his next brain-defying act: pardoning himself for whatever crimes he can be accused of committing. Congress and various officials absurdly proposing to impeach said clown (as if they don’t remember they’ve already impeached him: how’d that work for ya, folks?). Others proposing to bat him out of office with the 25th Amendment…when he has thirteen, count’em 13 days left to serve.

Goes from stupid to stupider, doesn’t it?

Friend o’ mine remarked that he’d voted for Trump reluctantly because he found the alternative even more repellent.

{sigh} Afraid I feel about the same when it comes to the choices we’re offered. You hold your nose, think holy sh!t, and cast a ballot…as far away from you as you can throw it. For me, Trump was totally, hilariously not an option. But then we had…gulp! Billary! 

Uh huh… Also not much of an option.

Where, oh WHERE was Dwight when we needed him?

As for Biden? I think he’s probably a decent man…at least, more so than the choices we had four years ago. My problem with him is that he’s too old. IMHO the chances that he will survive four high-pressure years in the White House are slim to none. And as for his vice president? Well…  ??????????????? Heaven help us if Biden does croak over, or has a stroke that incapacitates him.

My problem with the present incarnation of the Democratic Party is that any critter that’s white and not female (or gay) is brushed off as somehow not fully what we want — no matter what their qualifications. I find that sterling stupid, just about as sterling stupid as Mr. Trump and his worshipers are.

I do. not. CARE. what gender or color a candidate or office-holder is. All I want of a candidate or office-holder is to be honest and, above all, COMPETENT. How hard is this? What about this is somehow morally sub-par?

That would be why Pete Buttegieg was my boy. Queer as a coot: that’s good…appeals to the PC set. White like me…that’s ducky, I guess. Has a measurable IQ. Bingo! Three qualities are a charm! Probably about as good as a person could hope for, in a candidate for public office.

Now we have the screaming, chanting, and dancing around the campfire about the freaking 25th Amendment. 

How can I count the facets of Stupid in this? Other than pushing a button to blow up Moscow (how hard would it be to have the janitor climb under the desk and disconnect the damn thing?), there’s not a helluva lot more that Trump can do, beyond emitting a continuing stream of ridiculous tweets. He has utterly lost all credibility. He has all of thirteen days left to call himself President. DROP IT, FOLKS! The big bad wolf has lost all his teeth!

Gaaaaahhhhh!  We’re STILL not back in Kansas, are we?




Martha McSally: A Grand Republican Fob-Off

So here’s what happens when you write to your Congressional representative to protest Mr. Trump’s strategy to assassinate the U.S. Postal Service in time to put the eefus on mail-in ballots. Here is today’s reply from Martha McSally, my district’s Trumpeting excuse for an elected representative. Let me highlight for you, in boldface, the empty boilerplate that appears in this squib:

August 13, 2020

Dear Victoria,

Thank you for contacting me regarding your support for the United States Postal Service (USPS) and postal workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. I appreciate your thoughts on this important issue.

Veterans, seniors, and people across Arizona rely on the USPS to deliver their mail quickly and reliably. The USPS is especially important for rural Arizonans to be able to receive mail and packages at an affordable rate. I have recognized the importance of USPS facilities during my time in Congress. During my time in the House of Representatives, I successfully fought to prevent the closure of the Cherrybell postal processing facility in Tucson. More recently, I have worked with members of Arizona’s House delegation to support the effort for a new post office in Prescott.

As Americans practice social distancing to fight COVID-19, they still need to receive their mail and packages. The USPS and postal workers who still go to work during this pandemic are critical to ensure that individuals can continue to communicate and receive vital supplies. However, like so many businesses across the country, the USPS is experiencing substantially decreased revenue from a slowed economy, which leads to difficulty maintaining regular operations. As Congress debates the best way to help healthcare workers, businesses, local governments, and more in a future COVID-19 relief package, I will keep your support for USPS assistance funds in mind.

As the 116th Congress addresses the many challenges facing our nation, I hope you will continue to share your thoughts and concerns. To keep up with my work in Congress, you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook, or visit my website at where you can sign up to receive my e-newsletter. Again, thank you for sharing your concerns. Please continue contacting my office regarding issues that you feel are important to you and Arizona.


Martha McSally
U.S. Senator

Notice that NOWHERE IN THIS PUFF OF HOT AIR does Ms. McSally state, specifically, what she intends to do about Mr. Trump’s craven attack on the United States Postal Service.

It’s all empty fluff and bullshit. She, of course, never read my letter, nor does she care to. This thing was no doubt written by a paid public relations flunky and dispatched to the unwashed constituents by some clerk or student intern.

This is the kind of responsiveness that you get from a Republican elected “representative.” She represents nothing and no one but the party line.

Let me urge you, my friends: VOTE THE RASCALS OUT!

Whinge, Continued…

😀 It got even better this afternoon, in the bizarro department.

Along about mid-day, I decide I need more of the generic Albertson’s dextromethorphan (DXM) cough syrup, having discovered that the Mucinex I’d bought at AJ’s in hope of avoiding any more driving around and standing in line than absolutely necessary was too vile to gag down. So I stumble in and grab two bottles of generic cough goop off the shelf.

After a not very good snack passing for lunch, I decided I really need to go to bed. I need to go to sleep. If I can get two or three hours of sleep in, maybe I’ll feel better.


Oh, sure.

Just about then, up comes Gerardo. He blocks my driveway with his gigantic truck and sets his dudes to work, blowering and raking and cleaning and, oh yeah: while he’s at it, he decides to repair the broken plumbing in front.

So they bang around and bang around. Eventually it becomes clear that I’m not going to get any sleep. So go to open one of the bottles of cough medicine and find, lo! It’s not DXM 30%. The goddamn stuff is generic Mucinex!

Ohhhhh ugh!

There’s about one dose of DXM 30% left.

So I wait and wait while Gerardo and the boys throw themselves around. They are, as usual, working like horses. But… I. Need. That. Cough. Medicine.

Finally ask him to please move the truck, which he kindly does.

Traipse back down to Albertson’s. Return the Mucinex knockoff. Find a bottle of the plain DXM 30%, but not in the generic, so one bottle costs about 12 bucks. Get one (1) bottle. This requires standing in line and standing in line and then standing in line again.

Dodge a bum going into the store. Dodge the same bum going out. Evade a panhandling pounce — I”m getting good at this.

Return to the Funny Farm. By now the men have the entire front flowerbed dug up. They’ve succeeded in getting one watering zone to run, but the one that serves that flowerbed — with the brand-new bougainvillea planted in it — ain’t working.

Back in the house: I remember that I set the parts of the steamer (“humidifier”) to soaking in vinegar, in hopes of getting the thing to work again. These are sitting in the garage sink.

Scrub this stuff down with a brush and run water through all the parts.

Fill the contraption up with water, drag it back to the bedroom, and plug it back in… And LO! It works!


Meanwhile, I’m still awake. Gerardo and crew are still banging around. The boss has to go buy a cable to repair a break, which he does while his guys are heaving around.

I cook an artichoke and eat most of it. Not as delicious as expected. Stomach is upset. But at least now I have the cough medicine.

By the time the repair project is done — the guys get the system working better than it has in a couple of years — it’s way too late for napping.

They leave. I climb on the bed with the dog and waste some time playing with the computer.

Phone rings: church friend. A lengthy chat ensues. That’s very nice and cheering. And it passes time.

Dog demands to get down. I get off the phone, levitate the hound off the mattress, let her outside.

Forthwith a cop helicopter starts to buzz the ‘Hood. Naturally.

Hie the (unhappy!!) dog back in the house. Feed her dinner as a bribe. Cook up some pasta for myself…also tasteless. Food in general seems to have lost all flavor.

By now I’ve come out on the other side of so-tired-I-can’t-hold-my head-up.

Watch Mike Pence try to bully Judy Woodruff on PBS News, going on about how the American people don’t care about the impeachment proceedings.

Great distraction, this al-Baghdadi coup, isn’t it? Are we really supposed to ignore the extraordinary timing? Oh, God. Rome burns and the fiddles play.

We’ve fallen through a wormhole and crawled out on some other planet. I’m sure of it.

Wind, water, and flying marbles…

What do you suppose gets into our alleged President that he puts on performances like the one where he displayed a faked weather map and lied about the predicted path of Hurricane Dorian? Then when someone calls him on the error he’s promulgating to the public in the path of a monster storm, he persists in the lie!

WTF? Does he even know where Alabama is?

Credit: Associated Press

Why on earth do we have a President who lies so pathologically that he can’t even emit a straight story about a freaking weather event? This man should have been removed from office months ago.

Oh. Then he cancels a long-planned trip to Poland, whose purpose was to commemorate the grim start of World War II, supposedly to monitor the hurricane…which he decides to do from his golf course. Maybe that’s why he got confused about the geography? Hard to see around all those sand traps?

If the man ever had any marbles, he surely has lost them. Presumably what few marbles he ever had are now flying around in the hurricane’s winds.

What the Weather Service really said…

Presumably the Bahamas will be neglected just as shamelessly as Puerto Rico was after Hurricane Maria. More so: the Bahamas are not a US possession. It’ll be interesting to watch him shuck off (heh) Alabama, too…

And Florida. And Georgia. And the Carolinas. And points north.

It’s been hellish hot here: 109° and, at one point, 49% humidity. But man! I’ll take 109-degree heat over 109 mph winds…any day!

Could do without the hot air blowing from Washington, though…

We Need a Party of Common Sense!

Hmmm…interesting election results. It looks like Americans are just about evenly divided on political issues, doesn’t it? Apparently Trump et al. have succeeded in annoying some folks enough to turn against the Republicans, but it’s far from a serious majority.

What worries me (among many things…) is that these results and the original Trumpite victory are just not getting the message across to Democrats. We have two parties who think God (in whatever form She chooses to take) is on their side — each party thinks it has the moral high ground. And neither side seems to be registering that they need to rein in their most extreme impulses and drive in the middle lane. So…I don’t see things getting any better. All that will result from salting the House with Democrats is that nothing will get done in any direction.

To celebrate the possibility that now the Democrats are in control of the House, they could indeed do in the Orange-Haired One, is to crow in mistaken triumph. Yes, he’s a bad fellow. No, he should never have been allowed to set foot in the White House. But impeaching a President of the United States is not, never has been, and never will be a good thing. No matter how incompetent or crooked the man (or woman) may be, removing a sitting President will guarantee resentment, rage, and chaos.

Let’s imagine the House finds, grâce à Mr. Mueller’s excellent work, that Mr. Trump is the creep, crook, and tyrant some of us think he is. Let us go so far as to imagine they not only prove this amazing revelation, they use it to remove the man from office. Then what?

Then we end up with Mike Pence as President. The man who cannot trust himself to go to a business dinner at a restaurant without taking his wife along to act as chaperone.

In the meantime, the hateful rhetoric continues unabated. Faux Gnus is probably right: nothing much will get done from here on out. Meanwhile, The New Yorker rants ecstatically that the elections were a “rebuke” to Trump…gimme a break. Daily life is a rebuke to Trump…BFD. The man is still in power, he will continue so for at least two and quite probably six more years, and he and his Russian pals will have two to six more years in which to foment hate. The Democrats, imagining that they’ve triumphed, will continue on their own benighted way, enraging everyone who stands to the right of, say, Harry Truman. Whaddayabet they install Nancy Pelosi as speaker?

We need a third party: the Party of Common Sense. So far, it doesn’t look like we’re about to get one of those.

The Republican Horror Show

Have you been following this? Forgodsake. The word “outrage” so understates the case as to be outrageous in itself.

A narcissistic sleaze, whose contributions to American society have been to short-change the architects who design his buildings and to propose a First Lady who sees nothing wrong with plagiarizing the real First Lady’s words, DARES to say that he has “sacrificed” — by hiring a bunch of employees to staff his capitalist empire — more than a man who GAVE HIS LIFE FOR OUR COUNTRY! More, indeed, than the parents whose son died in the service of the United States of America!

A man whose response to a father’s despair is a racist slur against his wife? Somebody really thinks this creep should be President?

How in the name of God can anyone who has even one functioning synapse inside their head fail to see what a dangerous, dishonest, bombastic, one-born-every-day shyster this guy is? Who in their right mind would vote for the man?

Say what you will about the right wing…but at least Barry Goldwater was a decent man. I knew Goldwater, in passing (he autographed my first straight-A report card from the UofA!), and I know what he said about the proto-Tea Party right wing a-borning toward the end of his life. It wasn’t printable.

Even Ronald Reagan retained a few shreds of common decency while he still had most of his marbles. Richard Nixon…not so much.

Maybe Nixon was the one who threw common decency out with the bathwater.

How the hell did the fundamentalist clerics succeed in persuading their followers that a vile line of demagoguery represents the Word of Christ? What Barry said on that topic actually was printable, at least when he spoke in public:

“Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the [Republican] party, and they’re sure trying to do so, it’s going to be a terrible damn problem. Frankly, these people frighten me. Politics and governing demand compromise. But these Christians believe they are acting in the name of God, so they can’t and won’t compromise. I know, I’ve tried to deal with them.”

Barry was right. But “a terrible damn problem” ain’t the term for it. It’s fuckin’ Armageddon.