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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Lazy Woman’s Blog Post of the Day

So here we are at…what? Thursday? It’s already been a busy day: I’ve chaired a meeting (the first since the summer Eng. 102 course started, a month and a half ago), run some errands, stopped by the Paradise Valley Police Department to ask what to do about having been photographed running a red light when I and all the other folks who were photographed stopped at the red, sat there, and started into the intersection on the green, talked to the Mayo, fixed a very fine repast…and now I wish to rare back and write the rest of Book II, Chapter 6.

So, to make a long story short (and not have to think very much), here’s what I’ve found out…

Walgreen’s pharmacist: If Benadryl soothes the itch around the nose (it does), Xyrtec is the most likely to do the same without turning you into a zombie.

Paradise Valley Police Department: It was just a test.

Food: mincing some rosemary, smushing it into some butter, and smearing that over your hot roast potatoes defies belief in the delicious department. It ain’t bad over a piece of grilled steak, either. 😉

Mayo Clinic:

Q: If I have to pay 15% of the bill for this surgery, pray tell me: 15% of WHAT?

A: Stop panicking. It’s not 15% of the entire tab. Medicare A pays for the entire hospital tab. Medicare B and Medigap pay a set part of the surgery, leaving you with 15% to have to cover. Chances are it’ll be around $750, but it surely won’t be over $5,000. It probably won’t be anywhere near that much. They are working on trying to come up with a specific.

Q: I think I’ve lost the instructions about when to start fasting on the day before surgery, so…uhm…??????

A: Don’t eat anything after 10 p.m.

Sub-Q: You’re kidding!! You mean I can actually have dinner?

Sub-A: Well, as long as you don’t eat it after 10 p.m.

Q: Is our honored surgeon doing sentinal node biopsy (which enhances pain and extends recovery time) or just excising the evil lumps?

A. She’s not doing a sentinal node biopsy, according to her notes. (Hot dayum!)

Q: Where do I get the antibiotic soap they mention in the pile of paper they sent me, the soap I’m supposed to scrub down with before surfacing in your precincts.

A. Walgreen’s. It’s called Hibaclens.

There. I have now written a post. And so, it’s on to Book II, wherein Caddy, the lesbian fur trapper, is about to save the life of Seth, the hard-boiled man’s man, after he’s attacked by a sasquatch.

Have a  nice day.


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  1. 🙂 Friend JUST told me about Hibiclens, I was just about to order some from Amazon myself. I’m told a small amount goes a very long way (also maybe cheaper than the pharmacy).

    What’s up with testing, PVPD?? No one has time for that!

    • LOL! It turns out that every time a stationery traffic cam, the kind you see mounted on a pole, is inspected and adjusted, it has to be recalibrated. And the same is true every time a traffic cam in a vehicle is moved from place to place. Hence: flash-o-rama!

  2. Well that explains one of our traffic cams nearby that has evidently never in its lifetime been calibrated. It’s constantly going off.
    (Am I remembering wrong that these comments used to nest a little more?)

    • Hm. Yeah, I thought they would do a reply to a reply on a comment. Well, I’ve gotta hassle the guru to set up a new website for the soon to forthcome (?) e-book, so while he’s doing that he can look at the reply nesting. May be some vast “improvement” in the latest update, which disabled another feature I happened to like.

  3. Oh wow, so confused! Not sure if to laugh or to feel bad about that police visit. Reminds me of my brother in law, he drives this windowless little Jeep, and a bay bridge camera sent him a ticket because he was apparently dragging a trailer behind (ha, not possible in that car’s lifetime), and he had them review the tape. They found out some dude was trying to follow closely so they would charge my in law and not him, who didnt have a pass. The bridge control sent him a $200 ticket!

    • Wow! How infuriating IS that!?? Good to hear they caught the sleaze.

      Around here, there’s no appeal to a traffic-cam ticket. Not even any point in asking. Glad your BiL was able to get some satisfaction.

  4. That book sounds exciting, can’t wait to read it. ;o)