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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Moments of Fame

Wow! GREAT Carnival of Personal Finance this week! It (Carnival No. 180) just went online over at Living Almost Large, who also included Funny’s rumination about the patriotism (or not) of frugality. You have got to see the editor’s picks! It’s hard to be hilarious about a recession, but I laughed over Kevin’s witty 12 Days of Christmas During a Recession, at the Red Stapler Chronicles. After days of red-eye travel, Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck comes up with a nice metaphor for life in the indebted lane. How LAL managed to separate out just a few editor’s picks escapes me, because so many of the posts are really excellent. Check out Andrea’s theoretical journey at Fools and Sages, for example. This carnival is more than worth a visit.

Eco Joe reports getting hundreds of submissions for this week’s Festival of Frugality. More than the normal number of submissions also came in for the Carnival of Money Stories, which I just posted. Bloggers must be taking this week off work and spending some of the time working on their sites! At any rate, with that competition I was flattered to see my post on the boutiqueful of clothes my friend inherited from her shop-loving mom. Speaking of acquiring loot, want some free stuff? Check out Madison’s list of Black Friday freebies at My Dollar Plan. At Saving Advice, David wonders whether this is the year to get a fake Christmas tree. OMG! At Raising 4 Boys, good ole’ Dad has figured out how to get LEGO blocks on the cheap! Wish I’d known about that when M’hijito was little.

The Make It From Scratch Carnival has just gone up at Feels Like Home. Hmm…lookit this interesting idea for recycling one of Dad’s shirts or sweaters to make a cute dress for a li’l punkin. With the holidays coming in, you’re likely to have some house guests; here’s a clever, quick, and delicious-looking breakfast croissant casserole! Awesome idea. After you’ve eaten your Thanksgiving turkey (with Funny’s brown gravy recipe that was included in the carnival), go on over to Out of Debt Again and follow Mrs. Accountability’s recipe for making turkey stock—she throws in an extra for potato-zucchini soup, too. As Christmas comes up on us, here’s the secret to how to make scented bath salts. Who knew?

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  2. Thanks for the link – being able to laugh about it all is important, right?

  3. Thanks for the link and mention! I would have written this morning, but I’ve been in traffic . . . j/k

  4. Well, maybe it wasn’t hundreds, but it was definitely between 100 and 200! Way more than I anticipated.