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The 86th Carnival of Money Stories

Welcome to the Thanksgiving 2008 edition of the Carnival of Money Stories. Before we begin, I think we should pause to reflect on all the things we have to be thankful for, despite the darkening economic clouds and the tough times they seem to presage. Money, thanks be to God, isn’t everything. As we discover the stories our friends offer this week, let’s consider life’s little lagniappes with them.

First, thank goodness for story! Story is the basic way we humans speak the important truths we want to share with our children and our tribe. And folks, some people can really tell a tale!

The Financial Wellness Project
The Beginnings of Debt (Or, How I Was Unable to Resist a Free T-shirt)
An old tale and a true one.

*J. Money
Budgets Are Sexy
What’s Up with Your Pictures, J? Did You Get Them? Tell Us?
Okay, okay, it’s NOT funny…but J’s strategy is pretty darned hilarious. The saga continues….

*Michael Bass
Debt Prison
Should You Cosign for a Friend for Family Member?
Would anyone like to lay a bet that the answer is “why, sure”?

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity
How to Close an Account at Washington Mutual
Uh oh! There’s a wrong way to do this…

Let us give thanks that we’re not in this alone…

KCLau’s Money Tips
Buy Term and Invest the Difference
The puzzle of whether to buy term or whole life insurance faces people in Malaysia, too. Ah, the glories of globalization!

Miss M
M Is for Money
I Feel Guilty When I Spend Money
Has Miss M trained herself too well for frugality?

Harvesting Dollars
Fundraising at Work
Todd faces a charitable conundrum.

Ryan Suenaga
Uncommon Cents
When Emergency Spending Becomes Overspending
Ryan continues to struggle (expensively!) with the attempted theft of his vehicle.

Dollar Frugal
School Projects and Crafts
Feeling flamboozled about the constant flow of requests for school materials, Brooke seeks advice on where to find affordable stuff for the kiddies.

Five-cent Nickel
The End of the 401(k) Match?
Based on a recent news report, Nickel imagines corporate life without matching 401(k) contributions.

The Happy Rock
Gas Prices: The Silver Lining of the Recession
Rock is grateful for cheaper fill-ups but wonders how much longer that will last.

The Sun’s Financial Diary
Citibank Closed My Dividend Platinum Select Card
What are the ramifications when a lender decides to close a dormant account?

…That hard work and persistence eventually do pay off…

FIRE Finance
Three Quick Steps to Get Out of Debt
In which we learn how the FF’s used “TCT” to dig themselves completely out of debt.

Mr. ToughMoneyLove
Year-End Retirement Funding? The Moment of Truth Approaches
Mr. T confronts questions of what (or whether) to do about his various investment vehicles.

…That fits of high dudgeon can be pretty entertaining, at least to others…

Free Money Finance
Memo to Self: Yes, I Really HATE Sears!
LOL! Another Don Quixote tilts at the consumer (dis)service windmill.

…That we are wily and clever and figure out how to get deals…

Green Panda
Green Panda Treehouse
How We Saved Money by Creating Our Own Cable, Phone, & Internet Bundle
Smart panda!

Gas Prices Not Dropping Fast Enough? How about Free?
Our hero figures out how to score free or nearly free gasoline. Maybe.

Chief Family Officer
Works for Me: Duplicate Checks
You’ve heard that when baby is born, there’ll be some changes made? Yup.

Silicon Valley Blogger
The Digerati Life
Last-Minute Gift Ideas and Shopping Tips for Holiday Procrastinators
How SVB learned to put Christmas shopping off till the last minute…and what she does about it.

Mr. CC
Ask Mr. Credit Card
Turned Down for a Student Loan
This post uses a couple of brief reader’s stories as kick-off points for advice; also check out the interesting comment from reader Kayleigh, which will stand your hair on end.

Prime Time Money
An Update on My ESPP Flip
How PT generates almost immediate cash from an employee stock purchase plan.

Funny about Money
Costco and the Single Girl
A day in the life of a bulk shopper

…And that some things are more important than money!

The Smarter Wallet
Create Your Family Holiday Traditions and Save Money
Some strange (and funny!) commercial Christmasisms lead Wallet to build more meaningful Christmas traditions.

Next week’s Carnival of Money Stories will be hosted by Financial Wellness Project. Be sure to submit your stories to the Carnival before the December 1 deadline!

Best of wishes to everyone for a happy Thanksgiving. Or, if you’re reading this from outside the U.S., for many good things in your life to give you joy and thanks.

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