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Plumbing Update

So…what happened after I showed Steven the (Avaricious) Plumber the door? As you may recall, when I couldn’t reach my regular guy, I’d called another local plumbing outfit which sent a gent around after making me wait upwards of five hours. This character complained that the plumbing under the sink (which has worked fine since I moved into this house 11 years ago) was an out-of-code mess, could not be roto-rooted, and needed to be disassembled and reassembled to clean it out. Proposed fee: $545.

Right. Sure. So I sent that jerk on his way. Posted a query on the Facebook neighborhood group’s page. Two neighbors recommended Maloney’s Plumbing, an outfit I’d never heard of. Gave them a call. And forthwith had a new fella in here.

What. A. Difference!

The guy has got the drain working fine for the nonce. He removed the lever-operated drain plug — an invention whose appeal has always mystified me. A rubber plug I happen to have in hand works just fine and does not annoy, annoy, and annoy some more. He was honest. He was straightforward. He was astonishingly hard-working. And he was very clearly NOT trying to rip me off.

Yes, he did have to take Satan’s do-it-yourself pipework apart to do the job, and yes, it no doubt was a PITA, and yup, it took the poor guy half the afternoon.  But he didn’t try to persuade the Little Old Lady that the job couldn’t be done without disassembling the entire damn bathroom and rebuilding it from the foundation up. For an entire afternoon’s work, he charged me $326.

This, as opposed to the $525 (for starters) the first guy offered up — for starters. Hallelujah, brothers and sisters! Maloney’s Plumbing has got a new customer for life…or at least for as long as they treat me fairly.

Soooo… When the dust settles from this damned tooth fiasco, first thing that happens next is I’m hiring those folks to install plumbing to code under that damn sink.

4 thoughts on “Plumbing Update”

  1. All’s well that ends well, eh? Sounds like you’ve got a keeper. 🙂

    One of my thoughts on Steve the Plumber’s higher bid was that it was a courtesy bid – an inflated bid contractors give when they really don’t want to do a job but don’t want to turn it down outright. But that’s not consistent with his dire warnings about the nonstandard setup nor his assumption that he’d be back to do the work.

    I guess when in doubt, it pays to get a second opinion!

    • Naaahh… I’d like to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. But it was very clearly an attempt to rip off a vulnerable old lady.

  2. I’m glad he was able to get the drain working. If the drain has worked largely without problems for 11+ years and the plumber didn’t recommend replacing the plumbing, I would likely save my money and not rush to replace the drain if it were my house. It may not be to current code, but the risk of siphoning isn’t an immediate danger.

    • Oh, yeah: he wanted to replace the plumbing all right…by way of draining my bank account into his. 😀

      Really, the plumbing under there is not to code, and it’s surprising the home inspector didn’t notice it. But his attention no doubt was distracted by the many other not-to-codes installed by a long series of Happy Handyman Homowners. Satan’s blandishments were many: a hollow-core door between the kitchen and the garage, directly next to which stood a gas water heater. …Heh…you understand, not only was this not to code (under those circumstances, you’re supposed to have a fire door), he’d punched a cat door in that thing! 😀 When I park my car there, I back it in, meaning the car’s gas cap is RIGHT NEXT TO THE GAS WATER HEATER, which has, oh yes, an open flame. So all it would take is a loose gas cap or a minor leak to blow the freaking house to kingdom come.

      Satan was pi$$ed big time when the inspector demanded that he switch that thing out with a solid-core door.

      Then he’d pulled out the cinderblock mantelpiece over the fireplace and installed a wooden one to match his wife’s taste in pine woodwork…about two feet too close to the fireplace opening. Out of code, big time. (Fortunately, I hate cleaning out the fireplace and so rarely use it…but…when I go to sell the house, that will pose a problem.)

      A previous owner had knocked out the wall between the living room and the adjacent bedroom, creating some sort of vast and hideous entertainment palace. Satan rebuilt the wall, but he failed to reinstall the wiring for the doorbell, So the house has no doorbell — you have to use those battery-operated radio thingies from the Depot, which have their moments of being serious nuisances.

      When the prior owner did that fine remodeling job, he also took out the closet in the front bedroom. Satan neglected to rebuild it when he restored the wall. In Maricopa County, a room cannot be called a “bedroom” unless it has a closet. No one had clued me to this, and my Realtor failed to mention it…so I paid for a four-bedroom house that was legally a three-bedroom house. A few years later, a painter who had some serious drywall skills proposed to rebuild the closet; I took him up on it, and he did the job to perfection, even matching the 1970s folding doors. But…I shouldn’t have had to pay someone to restore the bedroom, nor should I have paid for a four-bedroom structure that, legally speaking, was not that.

      So out-of-code bathroom plumbing is as nothing. 😀

      Hence Satan’s nickname…

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