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SIX CENTS?????????

Report from the Department of Bureaucratic Ludicrousness, 06/11/2018:

Wellcare, my extortionate former Medicare Part D (prescription drug) provider just sent me a check for a refund on a bottle of oxycodone prescribed in 2014.


Can you believe it? SIX CENTS!

Apparently they seriously think I’m going to fart around for ten minutes scanning and uploading the front and back of this munificent payment and recording it in Excel. Or maybe that I’m going to drive 20 minutes each way (40 minutes round trip) to physically deposit it in my bank account, in person.


Can you imagine what it must have cost in accountants’ time, clerical time, paper, printing, envelope, and postage to cut this damnfool thing and put it in the mail?

So. Now we see why our healthcare costs are so ludicrous. Apparently it’s a function of systemic ludicrousness.

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  1. When I was in tech school a few years back, I received a check for 50 cents, grant money that hadn’t gone towards tuition. I remember being flabbergasted, but the clerk who gave it to me begged me to deposit the thing because otherwise their accounting would be off. So I took it to my CU to cash it. The teller said that a couple of months previous, she’d handled a check for 3 cents! She seemed to think it was funny. SMH

    • LOL! Well, I haven’t run it through the shredder yet. Whenever I have to go up to the credit union in person, I’ll take it with. If I can remember, that is… 😀