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Watch Out: Covid-related malware

As usual, bad actors are taking advantage of a crisis to take advantage of you. MarketWatch, one of my favorite financial sites, warns that hackers are playing on the present coronavirus hysteria to trick users and infect their computers.

Most annoyingly, the popular Covid-tracking map from Johns Hopkins University has been targeted by hackers imitating the site and trying to get users to download software. The real Johns Hopkins map does not ask you to download any programs! View the map only from the Johns Hopkins site or from the one operated by ArcGIS Trust Center.

The respective URLs for these sites are as follows:

And (in case you’re forgotten), remember never to download an attachment in an email from a source you do not know. A number of fake emails are on the float, as we scribble:

  • One pretending to be from the CDC, inviting you to click on links for information about the virus
  • RTF files emanating from hackers in China that exploit MS Word
  • Lures to fake and look-alike websites

None of this stuff is anything new; it’s the same old BS, only coronavirus-themed. Be alert, and don’t get suckered in.