Coffee heat rising

The Enterprise: Things Are Looking Up

Welp, I’m feeling a great deal less prickly today, so we’ll replace those crabby-looking cacti in the header with some cheery flowers. The enterprise — actually, both enterprises, blogging and micropublishing — are beginning to look up.

Today our heroic new Web wrangler, Grayson Bell, managed to get the last of the Blog Empire over to our new host, BigScoots. It’s been a long haul: we first moved the whole gigantic package to WestHost, but that proved to be a big mistake. After a week or more of intense frustration, we decided to cut our losses and choose another self-hosting site. He’s worked with BigScoots before and highly recommends it.

And yea verily! All of the sites are now working like a dream: lightning fast speeds and no glitches. So far.

It’s been a very long day (again). As usual, I didn’t get any of the scheduled writing time in. But I did get all the transferred sites tested, and I started populating the sites for the Racy Book Publishing Venture:

Camptown Races Press and
Camptown Ladies Talk (my favorite!)

And I published another episode of Fire-Rider to Amazon today. It’s not live yet — takes Amazon 24 hours or so to put these things online. But it’s on its way, anyway.

This morning I made a presentation to the Scottsdale Business Association, the bidness networking group I belong to. Subject: What I learned about publishing on Amazon. I’ll probably post some version of that at Writers Plain & Simple, now that said site has been revived. It was really down and out, pretty much for the duration.

I’m whipped. I’m hungry. And I need a bourbon and water. But at least we’re back in business.

And so, until tomorrow!