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Tales of Micropublishing

LOL! Check out my wee squib at LinkedIn. With that one, I’ve probably blown my blogging wad for the day.

But y’know, I’ve really got to start haunting the social media more. I don’t understand how they work, and they look like still more techno-timesuck. Well…I’m pretty sure that’s exactly what they are.

The logic of “social media” where long strings of bloviations are posted mystifies me. Do people REALLY have nothing else to do but sift through all that chatter? Do they read any of it? Why?

I guess what puzzles me the most is that something like Twitter or LinkedIn seems so unfocussed. Finding something useful there — something relevant to your job our your interests — looks like a tall order. Among a great deal of chaff, I found this nicely written post at LinkedIn by Arizona graphic designer and book coach Michele de Filippo, but when I went back to find it, I had a time relocating it.

Twitter takes that staticky effect to a whole level unto its own. There what you see when you sign in is toilet paper. A long strand of toilet paper that apparently unrolls ad infinitum, with (as far as I can see) no end. Ever. Most of the posts there appear to be automatically slapped up there. A few live people are chatting back and forth. But the question is, how do t hey find each other and how do they filter out all the irrelevant static so as to have something resembling a “conversation”?

At Twitter, “Direct Messages” is clogged with spam…here’s some guy congratulating me on something I supposedly published on Disqus. Specifically what is not mentioned, of course, because the purpose of his message is to advertise something. A few live humans thank me for following them. Hm. I haven’t figured out how the hashtag thing is supposed to work on Twitter. Strange.

So…I gather we’re supposed to use the platforms to reach out to people who might be interested in whatever we have to offer. But the question is, how do we FIND them, so we’re not blitzing harmless bystanders with flak that doesn’t even faintly interest them? In the do unto others department, I’d rather not spray Web users with irrelevancies in the hope of reaching one or two folks who like what I’m offering.


Facebook seems to make a little more sense. The page that pops up when I go to that thing is filtered (somehow) so only my friends’ posts show up, and by and large what they post is either interesting or entertaining. Twitter feels like carpet-bombing. Facebook is more like a firing range. With targets.

In the marketing department, I finally got around to updating the Fire-Rider site. It’s been down, like all the other provinces of the Blog Empire, off and on for the past ten days or two weeks. When I’ve had time to work on it, it’s  been down; when it’s been up, my hands have been full of other work.

Speaking of the which, WonderAccountant wants to know where a stack of statements are (?? how would I know?) and why my bank account is off by approximately the amount of a Social Security check (no clue!)

And so, away…