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Weekend Roundup: Politics as High Comedy Edition

The Presidential debate is coming up. Am I the only one who thinks the whole affair is garnished with high comedy? Some of the things the Romney people have said, especially… The other day as I listened to the news while driving across the city, we were told that the Republican party is “the natural home of Latinos.” I started to laugh, and then broke out in guffaws when Romney followed that up with “we’re not rounding people up and deporting them!”

Freaking hilarious. I guess that makes Sheriff Joe not a Republican. 😀

Some of the things the extremists say wander so far beyond the pale that they come out as truly laughable. It’s scary, though, to realize that when our college students think World War I happened during the 1800s and Wisconsin is a Rocky Mountain State, the average Joe and Jane on the street could very well be convinced that most of the writers of the U.S. Constitution were clergymen  and that Joe McCarthy was our greatest American hero.

America needs Jon Stewart to emcee that debate.

Fortunately, PF bloggers are so staid and so stodgy that we never say anything silly. Right?


Various new stuff has been ongoing this week, none of it likely to force you to pull off to the side of the road until a crippling spasm of laughter passes. Recently, though, I did come across an entertaining and engaging writer with a fun schtick and a way with words: Mr. Money Mustache. You’ve gotta check out this guy’s site. His post on electric cars seems to be pretty typical: well written, skeptical, and thorough.

Speaking of things to make us skeptical, over at Blue Collar Workman TB reports on a moment of human greed and stupidity.

Budget Glamorous is back from a summertime hiatus. She continues to wrestle with the challenges of living well on an academic income (such as it is).

As if Mrs. Accountability didn’t have enough on her plate, she just learned that she gets to engage battle with Arizona’s endlessly incompetent bureaucrats again…this time for no good reason whatsoever.

Here’s an interesting personal story from Planting Our Pennies, about the time Mr. PoP took a minimum-wage job and viewed it as a great opportunity.

101 Centavos holds forth about American exceptionalism and…uhm…some exceptions to that. Nice, articulate essay.

Two interesting posts at A Gai Shan Life this week, one of them amazing. Those of us who have followed Revanche’s adventures for the past few years recall when she was laid off her job in the depth of the Recession-That-Is-Not-a-Depression. She spent some time searching anxiously for new work and then landed a nice position at a highly respected company in San Francisco. Lately she’s decided it was time to move on from that as she’s re-evaluated her priorities and assessed what really matters in life. Various recent sources of stress, though, seem to have caused a flare-up of a painful chronic ailment, which she’s now plodding through unhappily. In describing this episode, she publishes a poem, and it is an extraordinary thing. One would expect to find it in a literary magazine, not a PF blog. Don’t miss it.

Frugal Scholar contemplates the strategy of regarding frugality as its complement, enrichment. Burritos will make you rich!

Money Beagle’s cookies were frosted by the discovery that roller-coaster riding days may be a thing of the past. Moving on, the Beagles purchased a new video monitor to keep an eye on the puppies, with mixed results, according to their review of the gadget.

Hmm… Speaking of risk-taking (which is how timid souls like me regard roller-coaster rides), eemusings has been heavy into risk-taking this week! If she’s not losing her shirt at the poker table, she’s throwing herself out of airplanes! Take a look at those photos… New Zealand is even more gorgeous than Arizona. Which is gorgeous.

An interesting guest post by a writer named Em surfaced at My Journey to Millions this week: the author says that sticking to organic, whole foods and grass-fed beef relieves her depression, and that the connection is so evident that slipping off the real food for even a few days results in noticeable symptoms.

The globe-trotting Donna Freedman is moving—yeah, as in picking up and moving, lock, stock, & barrel—from Seattle to Anchorage. She writes winsomely about those strange going-to-miss-all-this feelings that come on us as we’re about to take permanent flight.

Over at I Pick Up Pennies, Donna’s daughter Abigail describes a surreal reunion with a suicidally inclined woman who claims to know her well, but whom Abigail herself doesn’t remember.

Fabulously Broke has published a whole slew of posts on interesting topics, about half a dozen one right after another. Naturally, being the flibberdegibbet that I am, I gravitated instantly to the fluffiest piece: how to avoid make-up shopping blunders! Buying make-up is a lot like buying shoes and purses: one tends to do it because it makes one feel better. Better than what? That’s a question best asked after the stuff is paid for and the budget has recovered…

At Bargaineering, Jim wonders about the extent of upward mobility still accessible in this country and asks his readers to comment.

NicoleandMaggie discuss the strategy of using one’s emergency savings to “float” a debt. Not my favorite scheme, now that I have no real, credible income. But I did use to do it back in the Dark Ages, when I had a real job.

Where’s My Trust Fund is collecting interviews from PF readers and bloggers.

We know there’s no such thing as too much fun. Five-Cent Nickel considers whether you can have too many credit cards.

So it goes.


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  1. The daily show’s segment at the republican convention where they interviewed people about Romney’s right to choose what parts of the platform to follow, contrasted with their attitudes about women’s rights and gay marriage was a classic.

  2. Thanks for the mention of my post about our income taxes being “intercepted”. Thankfully someone figured out that the money should have come to us and it was deposited directly into my account this past Friday. I’m so glad. I was trying to work up my nerve to go down and get the paper filled out to start the proceedings to get our money back.

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