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Why I Buy Apple Computers

Why do I buy Apple Computers at ridiculous prices when a PC can be had for a fraction of a Mac’s cost? Because of Apple’s customer service.

Apple hires actual, living HUMAN BEINGS to deal with its customers. Not only that, but these unique creatures know what they’re doing! Isn’t that a bizarre concept?

Whenever you have a software problem and often when you have a hardware problem, you can send a message over a Web page and a person — yes, a live person will call you on the phone and talk you through the issue. With your permission, they can hook up with your computer, view what the thing is doing, and instruct you step by step in how to make it work.

This morning I stumbled in to the office at 5:00 for a brief e-mail check whilst regaining enough consciousness to take the dogs for a walk.

Unlike Windows, Mac does not unilaterally update your operating system. Every now and again you’ll get a suggestion that you do so, but I do not do so, because my ancient Wyrd and Excel programs will not run on the latest OS and because I stubbornly decline to do my own and my clients’ work in Microsoft’s cloud.

When I wake up the machine, I find a nag from iTunes saying it tried to update iTunes (huh????) but couldn’t because it needed blattidy-blat and I should sign in to somethingorother to fix that.

[I don’t use iTunes to speak of and am not interested in their updates. Hmmmm????? WTF?]

Now I see that the Word file I was in late last night appears as a postage stamp. I cannot enlarge it, through any of three commands I know, to fit the screen. Holy sh!t.

So I figure the Mac has somehow updated to High Sierra or something worse and has disabled Word.

About to faint dead away, I call up Apple, and within 30 seconds a tech is on the phone.

And what a tech she is!

Rather than giving me the usual story (“We can’t do anything about products that are not Apple products”), she knows exactly what the problem is (cache, cache, and yet another cache…do you KNOW how many places a computer hides away its caches?) and she knows how to fix it.

The fix is not complicated, but it is obscure. These caches are stashed in places the user can’t easily access by accident, so as not to delete something important. By accident. We delete three entire folders full of cached data.

Reboot. And lo! the problem is solved.

Along the way she notices the Brother printer “wanna-turn-me-on” icon pops up, and she suggests I try printing something just to be sure that’s working. I explain that the printer used to work with my old MacBook, but it has never functioned with the present Macbook Pro and no tech of any kind — whether Mac employee, Cox computer guru, or retired Genius Bar types who have gone off to run their own repair shops — has been able to connect it. Hell, not even my son could connect it…which indicates that it can’t be done. 😉 The only way I can print anything is to save the file to Dropbox or email it to myself, go to the aged iMac, re-open it there, and then hit command-P.

She fixed it in under five seconds.

Hot dayum! Now I can print stuff without having to get off my duff and walk around the house to boot up another computer and dork around! Woo HOO!

That, IMHO, is well worth the extra price of the machine.

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