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And so…a new start!

Well. A new start come January 20, 2021, if we survive that long.

Apparently Us Wild-Eyed Liberals are not the only Americans who feel gratified at the prospect of watching The Donald’s rear end as he exits the White House: the Dow shot up by 1300 points as this morning’s dawn cracked for the New York Stock Exchange — 1600 if you’re looking at blue-chips.

Let us hope all those joyous expectations for a New Day come to pass. Yet — being the glum skeptic that I am — I find it hard not to remind myself that very nearly half the citizens of this country have said, with their votes, that they much prefer to be led by an Orange Oaf than by a man of ethics and common decency.

We shall see.

Facts still remain: You still take your life in your hands if you dare to eat a meal at a restaurant. Almost every grocery-store employee in this country has been exposed to and tests positive for a life-threatening virus. The schools, prematurely reopened, also harbor and spread the disease among children, who bring it home and infect Grandma and Granddad, potentially shortening their remaining time on this earth from a few years to a few weeks. A man for whom hate, disdain, ignorance, and scorn (and lying! let’s not forget lying) come as naturally as breathing won the votes of half the Americans who went to the polls. Small children, wrested from their parents’ arms, remain locked in cages. Hostility and hate dominate the discourse on social media and in the comments of every news outlet that still allows comments. These commenters demonstrate not only the hate but the gullibility that infects their minds as they spread the most ludicrous conspiracy theories and spout like geysers from a bottomless pool of nastiness.

Pray for the best. Our nation is broken in some important parts. It may take divine intervention to fix it.

4 thoughts on “And so…a new start!”

    • Uh huh. Just speculating with a friend, via email, how he plans to escape the legal and financial havoc awaiting him. 😀 The prediction: He sends Bill Barr, decked out in an orange wig, to get on a private jet to Mar a Lago at two in the morning, faking out the press and the Secret Service. Meanwhile, he slips out the White House servant’s entrance, disguised as a yard man, hops on a fishing boat, and sets out for Cuba. From there, it’s off to a nice, comfy retirement at Putin’s dacha. Of course, in Russia “comfy” is a relative term…

  1. I honestly don’t know about the ‘man of ethics and common decency’ part but I agree that it is time for a change. Like you, I am skeptical and not holding out much hope for the bullshit that has become the American political arena. Kamala Harris, once a Senator and now a VP, is worth $6 million on a politician’s salary. And yet no one riots in the streets about the pay raises and benefits this lot award themselves. How is that ethical? Filthy Rich.

    • The little roof rats living in my backyard hedge have more ethics and common decency than the present occupant of the White House, alas. Rats do not lie…they quite frankly wish nothing more than to eat your birdseed and your oranges, and to make their way into the attic to build their nests. Rats do not lock up children in cages. They do not egg ignorant lunatics to commit violence or to attempt to kidnap and murder a state’s governor. They do not ignore the dictates of nature, which we humans understand as science. By comparison, they’re quite lovely little animals, no? 😀 That’s not fair: poor Donald never had the advantages God gave to rats.,

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