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Election Numbers

Watching the vote counting on CNN on the neighbors’ television this evening. (A real television! Can you imagine?) Over here, the same is available online, for free, at Biden seems to be pulling ahead… maybe. What a thing to see!

I find it just amazing that almost half the adults in this country can still bring themselves to vote for the Orange Oaf, despite the continual stream of embarrassments and outrages and Mussolini imitations emanating from Washington. I mean…yes, PC is annoying. Lectures that you must love your fellow humans no matter what color they happen to be: condescending and patronizing. But none of that patter holds a candle to the past four years of breath-taking outrages and crudeness and hatred and near-treason we’ve seen emanating from Trump’s Washington.

The Wall around the White House was really the last straw. How can anyone support such a clown?

Apparently almost half our population consists of clowns… What a dismaying thing.

Today, though, it looks a lot like Biden is going to win, despite Trump demanding a stop to counting and even going so far as to suggest that votes from members of the military be disallowed(!!!). Can you imagine? This from the commander in chief of our troops? Holy sh!t.

Depressing. Everything that has to do with the Orange Buffoon is depresssing:

One could go on and on and on…but who has that much time left to spend on this earth?

Biden appears go be pulling ahead: as of 8:40 this evening (Mountain Standard Time) he needs fewer than 20 electoral votes to defeat Trump. He’s reporting that his campaign has secured over 4 million votes more than of Trump’s.

But the fact remains that the difference, state by state, between each man’s share of the vote is measured in tenths of a percent. How in the name of God could half of Americans vote for a travesty of a “president” like Trump?

6 thoughts on “Election Numbers”

  1. Yeah,,, this race is way too close. It’s appalling.

    But without majority in the senate, it’s going to be hard to pass bills.

    The Georgia runoff races are going to be crucial.

    • Yeah…I’ll tellya, I’ve talked to a LOT of Republicans who’ve said they were going to vote against Trump. They probably stuck with their other candidates, though.

  2. Biden/Harris won! They took Georgia AND Arizona! YEA!!!
    I think some of those who voted for Trump were supporting the Republican party. They don’t understand that he’s a fascist, not a Republican. But whatever he is, stick a fork in him, he’s DONE!!! ;oD

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