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Cost-effective Source for Eyeglasses

Some of you may recall Ms. Accountability’s reports about ordering eyeglasses online. She seems to have had a pretty successful experience. It’s not difficult to do, assuming you can extract both your pupillary distance and your prescription from your optometrist. By law, they have to give you a copy of your prescription, but because they know that the PD allows you to order your glasses online at a huge discount, they may resist. In that case you can measure the PD yourself.

For quite some time, I’ve thought this was pretty tempting, but I’d already ordered a $700 pair of glasses when I found out about it. Recently, though, Cassie the Corgi knocked my reading glasses off the beach towel where I’d set them when I went into the pool, and she sent them skidding lenses-down across the KoolDeck. Needless to say, this didn’t do them any good. But I figured I’d just have to put up with the scratches, because I can’t afford another pair of glasses now. And probably won’t be able to afford new lenses for months, if not years.

Well. A week or so ago, my son surfaced with a new pair of glasses he’d bought online. They look pretty nice—the current height of style for youngish men. Says he:

I bought them at Warby Parker. It was relatively easy; I just had to provide them with a copy of my prescription. In emailing them, it seemed like some states required the prescription to be verified, others did not. A few days later they mailed them to me. I have never heard of “” Here is a link to a “blogger” who shills for some other websites; he may have some insight. I bought some glasses a while ago from with a coupon from his site, and they were actually around $30, I think. They were fine glasses.

Hmmmm….  Warby Parker seems to have only plastic rims, at least in the women’s department. My taste runs to wire rims, or better yet, rimless.

If that’s your feeling, too, check out I went over there and was pretty amazed. They have sunglasses as well as regular Rx glasses. Shades here are not incredibly cheap; however, most prices are on a par with Costco’s, and the selection is much better.

More to the point, however, are the prescription glasses. They have the usual suspects for online optical retailers—clunky plastic things—but check this out: they have titanium rims in styles that are very nice. For only $139, I could manage to live with these, for example:

And mirabilis! They even have rimless models!

These are cute, and they’re only $99! No joke: at my fave brick-&-mortar optical shop, I paid a total of seven hundred bucks for mine. Each pair!

I think these are pretty cool. They’re not selling at the rock-bottom prices M’hijito and Mrs. Accountability have been paying. However, they’re very attractive and they look like they might have come from an upscale optician. The rimless model looks just like mine.

There are coupons available at, Dealcatcher, and seems to get overall good consumer reviews—mostly positive with some of the customary griping, but nothing extreme.

As soon as I recover from this summer’s financial battering, I’m definitely going to try my first online glasses purchase, and I believe I’ll start with

This post’s author came along just as I was thinking about the very topic. 😉

3 thoughts on “Cost-effective Source for Eyeglasses”

  1. I don’t need glasses yet, but I know it’s just a matter of time. Everyone in my family has them so I’m waiting for my vision to go sooner or later. And when that day comes, I’m definitely ordering my glasses online. ClearlyContacts has some crazy deals, even including free glasses sometimes!

  2. I am wearing my own pair of Internet eyeglasses right now, actually. They’re pretty great. As long as your prescription isn’t too complicated – and mine is not – these are a good (and cheap) way to go.

  3. I ordered my no line bifocals from I had the place that gave me my eye exam give me my PD (didn’t trust myself to measure). Anyway using measurements from glasses I had that fit me, I got some good glasses for pretty cheap, I think less than $50 for 2 pair (it’s been awhile and I am still wearing them). Yes, I would do this again. Hard to pay $250 when I got them for around $40. Other folks have used zenni optical, but there are lots of on line sellers. Just google cheap glasses.

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