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Doggy Update

Cassie lives.

I’d put an exclamation point after that, except that she doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about that development.

When I got home from choir around 12:30, she was…uhm…ambulatory. She looked a little perkier. She’d lost the Tragic expression… Now she has the “This Is All Your Goddamn Fault” expression. No kidding: she’s giving me a Look that would curl your toes.

On the other hand, at least “All Your Fault” is better than “Go Dig My Grave.”

So…okay. She’s still alive. She’s still lethargic. But she is moving around to a degree, which is better than she was doing before. Clearly she’s not well. But she seems possibly, perhaps slightly LESS not well than she was some hours ago.

We shall see what happens as the effects of the doxycycline and the Benadryl wear off — if they wear off.

So I have to go sing at Compline this evening, and before then the dogs and I are climbing onto the bed for a little nap, since the human cannot be accused of having collected much sleep last night. Cassie will get fed again before the human exits and will NOT be dosed with any drugs. That will give us 24 hours without dope. If we’re no less miserable then than we are now, the human will take that as a moderately good sign. Then, if we live through the night, it will be interesting to see what state (if any) she’s in tomorrow morning, after 36 drug-free hours…

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, emails, and phone calls! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

4 thoughts on “Doggy Update”

  1. Thank you! This evening she seems almost back to (a rather reserved) normal. But these swings of well- and not-so-well-being are themselves alarming: one day she’s pounding at Death’s Door and the next she’s almost back to normal and the next she’s acting under the weather again…that can’t be right. Well…we shall see…and just enjoy her while she seems to be OK.

  2. I wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you and Cassie. It’s hard to lose a pet! Ruby will be lost without someone to bug. I hope Cassie goes easy. Best Wishes. – Sandy

    • Thank you for the kind thoughts! d

      Miraculously, things seem to be looking up a bit. At least some of her miseries seem to have been caused by the drugs. Today she’s better than she was yesterday, and yesterday she was considerably improved after just 24 hours off the chemicals. We shall see…

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