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Hey, Mr. Dishwasher Repairman, Play a Song for Me…

And sing me HOW MUCH you want to work on the washer? Dude!?!

No kidding. This morning the Bosch CSR reported that to come over and check on the weird, LOUD noise their supposedly whisper-silent dishwasher is emitting, they will charge $130 to show up at the door and $30 per 15 minutes of service call time.

I say…uhhmmmmm….. so, you’re saying that if the guy says something’s so wrong with it that it can’t be repaired, you’re going to charge me $160 to tell me the thing is kaput?

Tha’s right, sez she.

Dare I say it?

Yes, I dare: Holeeeee Sh!t

This happened after I called a beloved and trusted repairdude, who said he couldn’t work on Bosch because Bosch has locked up the market by making it impossible to buy parts. So I had to call the phone number Bosch emblazons on its equipment to get one of their repairdudes over here.

Okay. But…..

Said pronouncement was rendered suspect by Bosch’s Annoying Phone Tree, which said, first, “Press 1 for service” and then second, “Press 2 to order parts.”

This registered after I’d talked to their platinum-plated CSR: waaaitaminit….. If you can’t buy parts anymore, howcum their Annoying Phone Tree offers to sell you parts?

After hearing the exorbitant preliminary estimate and after thinking about that for a minute, I called B&B Appliances (my new go-to appliance retailer) and asked if they knew anyone who could work on Bosch appliances. Noooooo prob’, said they, and they emitted the name of a local outfit.

Called. They seemed to have no problem working on Bosch machinery…that’s because they’re an official Bosch repairdude company.

That notwithstanding, the cost of their service cost was significantly lower (though still way too high), and the cost of their hang-around-your-house efforts was lower. Somewhat.

It’s still going to cost a stupid amount of money to find out why turning on the dishwasher awakens an enraged Tyrannosaurus rex. However, I figure it’s better to get it fixed now, rather than waiting till it breaks down, and then having to wait half a week or more until they can get someone over here to tell me it’s broken.

What we need here is to persuade Speed Queen to start making dishwashers…

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  1. We’re looking at fridges right now but at the appliance store, I stopped and gave some serious attention to the Speed Queen washer that they had after reading all of your posts. Some day!

  2. Yah. The SQ is SO worth it.

    I can’t complain about the Bosch, except that the cost of servicing it is way, WAY too high. Don’t know what else to do, though: Sears is going out of business, and I don’t know of any appliance stores that offer the kind of long-term, low-cost repair service that Sears did.

    On the other hand, it was Sears guys who told me the oven’s control panel had to be replaced — twice, to the tune of $500 a hit — when an independent repairman said the problem was lose wiring, and proved his claim by fixing the damn oven.

    They get you comin’ and goin’!

  3. Wowie Zowie! I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because I don’t have a dishwasher, but after reading this, maybe that’s not such a bad thing after all. Yeah, they do get you coming AND going.

  4. Google it and see if there is a you-tube video or something that will give you an idea of what’s wrong and if it is worth paying a repairman for. Or if it is something you can fix or if it is time to dump it for a new one.

    We googled “noisy dishwasher door” and they had a you-tube video that had the exact noise ours has and showed how to fix it. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten around to fixing it yet…but it is not something we will call a repairman for since it is not hard for us to do ourselves.

    • That’s a good idea! Thank you!!

      Replacing dishwasher parts is WAY above my pay grade… But thanks to your idea I have learned that the repair may cost as little as $36 or as as much as $200 for parts. At least now I do know what the parts cost, so when they try to triple the charge for that, I can call it up and show them what they really should be charging.