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House Paint: Is Eye-Searing White the New HOA Beige?

We’re told, by a publicity-seeking local developer, that the new style in renovations and infill is bright colors. Have you seen that in your part of the country?

In fact, the latest fad among that set seems to be blinding white paint, so brilliant white it almost hurts your eyes to look at it. Three houses here in the ‘hood, one of them (pricey) new construction, now sport this startling new look.

LOL! I suppose it would bounce the sun’s heat off. But ouch! And what will the thing look like after a year of dust storms and mud-slinging rain?



3 thoughts on “House Paint: Is Eye-Searing White the New HOA Beige?”

  1. That is some WHITE! Whoa baby. Here in the Northeast, most homes are a more muted blue, green, or red. Largely autumnal hues, I’d say. Our house is blue/grey, but I’ve always wanted a rustic red-barn color.

    • Around here the preferred shade is mud…uhm, ahem… ADOBE brown. Browns and beiges are the colors of choice in HOAs; in the free world, we tend to off-white, browns, creams, and an occasional muted green.

  2. I’ve mostly seen really horrible garish pinks and peaches on the new builds hereabouts, it’s like they pick all the leftover Worst Colors Possible. Blinding white would almost be a relief.

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