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Surprise Surgery!

Heh. I’ve been going along all this time — the past several weeks — thinking the next installment in the interminable series of surgeries was slated for the 29th: next Wednesday.

Come Saturday, my son informed me that no, that was wrong: the actual day was the 27th. Called over to the Mayo and found yea verily, they had it scheduled for the first thing this morning.

They actually had sent an “itinerary” — a scheduling form — but since I thought we weren’t due there till next Wednesday, I’d put off opening the envelope. One of the ways I deal with this stuff is simply not to think about it until absolutely necessary: I’d planned to open the thing today, actually.

Instead, they opened me today.

So we showed up over there at  5:30 a.m. The whole gig has become pretty routine for me. And as nice as all those people are, I’m mighty weary of it.

The surgeon told M’hijito that she’d gotten clear margins, according to the pathologist who was working in real time. But that remains to be seen: she’s thought she had clear margins both times before. The acid test, as it were, is the final path report, which we won’t get for a couple of days.

At any rate, she must have sliced out a  lot more than she has before, because it hurts one helluva lot more than the previous two excision attempts did.

Fortunately, all the student papers are graded and everything else is pretty much under control, except that there’s not much food in the house.

Oh well. So it goes.

16 thoughts on “Surprise Surgery!”

    • Thanks so much!!!

      It sure would be nice to bring an end to the surgeries. On the other hand, it’s six of one half a dozen of the other. If the boob stays on, then I have to get radiation therapy — which itself can give rise to actual, real cancers, not “maybe someday” proto-cancers. If the boob goes off, no radiation therapy will happen, but of course more surgery will happen.

  1. I was actually worried when we hadn’t seen a post from you. So glad it was just scheduling confusion and nothing worse. I second Mrs. POP: let’s hope this is the end of the surgeries! Get some rest and call on your friends to bring you some food.

  2. Best Wishes Funny and hope for a quick recovery. Did you ever get all the billing …”challenges”…. untangled?

    • Thanks, jestjack!

      Nah…I don’t even open those envelopes anymore, either. The flurry of stuff they send you doesn’t have any meaning. They’ll send you an $11,000 bill, but you’ll find it doesn’t apply — they keep sending bills before they’ve got the insurance payments settled, so you never know how much you really owe.

      If you pay up before all the insurance is in, you end up with a credit that you can’t get back from them. They still had a months-old credit on their books at the time all this fiasco started, and so presumably that amount was credited toward the present debt. I’m not giving them any money until ALL the Medicare and Medigap has come in.

  3. Yeah, if I lived closer I would drop by with food, but not being the cook that you are it would be In N Out burgers. Okay, In N Out burgers with wine. 😀

    Husband had total knee replacement surgery a week ago and he’s chomping at the bit to get out of the house every single day. You get cabin fever fairly quickly when you’re an active person, and you are.

    Hoping the dogs are a comfort and not a nuisance.

    • There is — or was, dunno if it’s still t here — and In N Out just up the road!

      Hope hubby is back on the road soon! A lot of people seem to spring back as good as new from knee replacement…it’s amazing.

  4. Well, at least that part of the treatment is over and done. I hope you recover quickly and receive a good pathology report.

    • Thanks, Catseye!

      Y’know, it really does feel like six of one half a dozen of the other. I’d LIKE it if nothing more than four weeks of daily trips to the Mayo for radiationzaps was all that’s needed. But I’d not resent it if lobbing off the remaining boob would do the job and open the door to freedom from radiation treatment.

      Weirdly, then…i’d kinda like it either way. Or…uhm…I’d hate it about the same either way. 😀

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