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Probably Kaput this time…

Jeeemneeee, what a day!!!!

Found this little scrap on Funny’s dashboard, so am adding a scribble. Nooooo idea whether it will post, and if so, why. I’m officially locked out of all my sites, because every secret code I’ve been able to unearth just doesn’t work. Same for any passwords, magical mystery phrases, and miscellaneous bullsh!t Firefox and its various websites “remember.”

Took the laptop over to Best Buy to try to get it online. Spectacular mess. It’s now effectively dead.

Meanwhile, the desktop was online while that antic was underway, so SOME of the sites that it remembers are marginally functional. I think it remembers Funny’s dashboard because that was open in Firefox at the time the Macbook was going down, and it has somehow stayed up.

On the MacBook, I’m now locked out of Macmail, of Gmail, of Firefox, of every other goddamn thing I can think of, largely because the the sites themselves remember the 87 gerjillion passwords that I can’t even faintly begin to recall. Some of these sites have locked me out on the big desktop iMac, too.

Forgodsake, I can’t even remember my freakin’ name, much less scores and scores and scores of goddamn passwords.

No joke!

Literally, I can walk into the kitchen and think I need thus-and-such a pan and not be able to remember where it’s stored. It’s stored in the same place where it’s been stored for the past 20 years that i’ve lived here!!!!!!!! But for the life of me, I can NOT conjure up where that might be.

Mind you: this is after I realized what was going on and created lists and maps of where things are stored in the kitchen, and taped those to the inside of the hall closet door!!  I STILL can’t find stuff.

So it’s not surprising that I can’t remember 87 gerjillion different passwords.

Consequently, it appears that my Internet-gallivanting adventures are about at an end.

If you’re innarested in whatever screwball things come this way in the future, maybe we can keep in touch on Facebook. I’m billed as Victoria Hay in that weird garden spot. Not real gifted with the way FB works…but if I’m not distracted with blogsites, maybe I’ll get more skilled at it over time.

🙁 sigh 🙁

9 thoughts on “Probably Kaput this time…”

  1. If you are not sleeping well and getting enough good sleep, that can explain your brain fog.
    Or if you have started some new medication, that could be the problem. Actually, you can develop a problem with things you have taken forever.
    And how is your vision? Lately I have problems with passwords by because I am reading a number wrong and entering it. Or I’m typing the adjacent symbol which of course doesn’t work. My latest problem was with paying a bill online and switching the routing number with the account number. It has been frustrating because my skills are with numbers and finances.

    • Well, nonsleep is a function of age in humans. Yes, I wake up at 4 or 6 most mornings, but since I go to bed at around 9 (out of exhaustion) and get to sleep by 10, that’s six or seven hours of sleep. I don’t take meds, believe it or not, except for an occasional aspirin to beat back the fun peripheral neuropathy.

      LOL! that IS frustrating!! If it were me, at least I’d have the excuse that I’m practically innumerate. 😀 But similarly: I was an early adapter of computer technology and, though I’m no IT expert, I’ve always been pretty fluent with computers. So it’s darned frustrating not to be able to make these things work!

  2. Funny, as a regular reader who greatly appreciates and enjoys your postings, I truly hope you can get this worked out. I don’t use FB because they require intrusive id verification. I can sure sympathize with losing all those stored pw’s. Does iCloud back up this data, or can Apple help you do Keychain restore from Time Machine on MacBook? So. Very. Frustrating. Good luck!

    • I don’t even know if it can access Time Machine. Yeah, though: iCloud in theory is backing everything up.

      The tech stuff adds a whole new dimension of frustration to our lives! 😮

  3. Long-time reader here. One thing I’ve noticed with Google (and Firefox) is that they try their best to f*ck with passwords and give a new, supersafe, secure, unhackable password each time I log in somewhere, unless I specifically decline their generous offer. I accepted the changes a couple of times in the past and Firefox refused to recognize the password it assigned. (I changed it back.) It might even be a setting in Firefox and Google, something like “Automatically assign password” or “Automatically regenerate password each login.” Could that be your password trouble? It might be worth checking.

    • No clue what any of this software is up to. Soon as I finish my coffee, I’ll have to go back over to Best Buy and try to get them to help again. What’s needed is for a tech to come to the house to see what’s happening. It’s hard for me to explain it!


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