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Still online…

…for the nonce. Funny has not crashed in flames yet, but it remains to be seen how long we’ll be able to stay aloft.

Over at Best Buy this afternoon, the gurus did their best to fix things. We seem to be online just now, but why, how, and for how long, I do not know. It looks, however, like the problem is with the little MacBook laptop, not with WordPress and not with…much of anything else. This, I’m writing on the big, aged iMac.

The BB dudes recommended that I schlep out to the Apple store, halfway to Yuma, and try to identify the problem with the MacBook.

That was a long, expensive exercise in futility. Consumed a quarter of a tank of gasoline — at almost 5 bucks a gallon hereabouts — and soaked up a good two hours of time. Those people over there had exactly zero clue, nor did they evince the slightest interest in trying to figure it out.

I left, annoyed…as I so often leave the Apple store.

So that’s it with Apple, folks. The plan now is to replace the MacBook with a new PC, hire someone to transfer data from the iMac into the PC, and slowly, gently convert the Blogging Empire and its tools to the PC world.

It’s been awhile since I’ve worked with PC’s — although I did have to use them when I was adjunct at the community college district, so that skill is not completely lost to time.

This subplot, though, was only part of an endless day’s adventures.

Started out at the doctor’s office, hardly my favorite venue. But it was Young Dr. Kildare’s place, so at least the scenery was appealing. As usual, my blood pressure was through the roof — I hate hate HATE being in doctor’s offices and clinical settings, a sentiment that invariably jacks up the BP a good 10 to 15 points. This was not helped by the fact that they’d asked me to show up at 8:00 a.m., at which point the staff informed me that my appointment was actually at 8:30…meaning a half-hour of thumb-twiddling before the show got on the road. So now I have to jump through all those same damn hoops again to prove to him that in real life I don’t exhibit hypertension.

Tomorrow I’ll go back down to Best Buy, buy a new PC-type computer, and try to talk them into sending someone over to the Funny Farm to set up the transfer of data from the iMac and iCloud into the new device.

Also learned that BB has iPhone training sessions. If this is true, there may still be some hope of learning how to use the gadget my son gave me. Apple’s “class” was a joke and another infuriating waste of time. I’d like to be able to use the kewl phone…but must say, I feel just about zero confidence in Apple and Apple devices just now. The present fiasco with the computers has been going on for weeks. And now I can’t remember my password for the damn credit union. I’ll have to pay the bills by snail-mail until I can go downtown — not till Monday — and get someone to help untangle that mess.

I actually WAS out there this morning but didn’t realize the password had passed out of existence in my brain.

LOL! Frankly, these recent experiences — over the past few weeks — suggest that it would be best to stay with Apple than to jump off the bridge into the murky waters of the PC. Over the phone, I’ve talked with several really excellent Apple techs. They haven’t quite saved my bacon…but at least the pork isn’t blackened. And it does have to be said that BB has a new Mac on offer that is to die for.

5 thoughts on “Still online…”

  1. It seems like you are making some progress.
    Hope BB will be able to do your data transfer.
    I didn’t know BB has iPhone training sessions. That sounds like a great idea.
    I do like my iPhone, but I could use more knowledge about how it works.
    I did make a file in Notes called Where It Is. It’s for those things you put in a good place so someone can’t find them. And then later, that someone is you. I find anytime I change the location of an item, I only remember the original one.

    • Like the “Where It Is” idea! Actually, I’ve found it’s a good idea to keep those kinds of notes in hard copy, because if (make that “when”) the computer goes down, if it’s online only, then it’s gone.

      • My “Where It Is File” is in my iPhone under Reminders, not Notes.
        My daughter said that’s for appointments and other things to do. But I ran out of room in Notes, too far to scroll down.
        I keep it on my phone because I keep the current location of financial items in it. I don’t want a hard copy around for someone to find. Evidently it’s pretty hard to hack the password.
        This was when I first got the phone and thought I could keep all lists and reminders in it. Then I found I prefer to scribble my thoughts rather than type. Much quicker for me.

  2. Wow, what a disappointment in Apple! But glad you have charted a path forward with a new PC so you can keep us adoring fans up to snuff on your latest capers and ruminations. The internet would be a much drearier place without your blog presence! : )

    • Well…truth to tell, Apple is not in the business of providing service. They’re in the business of selling computers. If you figure your computer can’t be fixed (because you can’t get anyone to fix it!), then of course you’re gonna buy a new computer, right?

      Right…except this time the new computer is going to be a PC. Back to the future!


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