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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Report from Damage Control Central

A week from Digital Hell has left the Fat Lady barely treading water. God, but I do hate computerized time sucks. The background noise from Washington doesn’t help…

Two half-days — i.e., a total of a full eight-hour day — have been consumed on the phone with Apple techs. Can’t complain too much about that: it’s mighty nice that Apple has techs and allows them to spend uncounted numbers of hours helping customers to fix this, that, and the other snafu. I’ve lost track of the details — makes my head hurt to think too hard about this stuff. But the upshot was that after one of the techs decided that nothing would do but what we must re-install the Sierra OS on the MacBook (even though I told him that would cause a huge fuck-up), we got…yes, a huge fuck-up.

The current surviving upshot of that is that though the MacBook can read and store to DropBox, the iMac no longer connects to DropBox. When I inquired of DB techs how that might be fixed, I got a pages-long email filled with arcane instructions, not the first word of which do I understand. Truly: whatever it is they have in mind that I’m gonna do…I have NO idea.

So now I’m paying a hefty fee for DropBox’s storage and can access it only with one computer. The thing is, the iMac has an external hard drive permanently installed, to which Apple’s nifty Time Machine constantly backs up data. So that means the iMac should keep an up-to-date back-up of DropBox.

Except…now it’s not. Because it can’t “see” DropBox anymore.

So to keep that backed up, I have to schlep the Macbook into the back office and hook it up to an external drive and manually run Time Machine. This doesn’t take long, but it’s an effin’ PITA and I don’t think I should have to do that when it was working fine before.

Meanwhile, however, WordPress is about to pull the Number of All Numbers on its users. The WP that we know and love — and that operates all our blogs — is about to be dumped in the trash, to be replaced with a radically new system called Gutenberg.

This, obviously is going to represent a gigantic new learning curve.

Those of us who are sick of the brain clutter occasioned by the glories of computer technology do not welcome said development. And those of us who have had experience with earlier seismic upheavals know what to expect: If entire sites don’t crash (which they probably will), at best data will be lost. Probably lots of data.

Funny about Money has been online since 20 and ought-7. And y’know, I don’t really want to lose all that history.

Sure, I know: the nature of the Web is ephemeral. But damn it all! Writing this stuff and tracking down images and doing the research for some of the more solid pieces is work. Why should some tribe of computer jocks take it upon themselves to steal my work so that they can amuse themselves with fun new code?

By way of preserving the stuff for posterity, such as it is, I decided I would back up FaM not through BackupBuddy (whose product I suspect will be unintelligible once the program that generated the content goes away) but by copying it to Word and then, at my leisure, formatting it for print. And eventually printing it out and stashing it in a closet, where one day after I croak over my kid will find it and can, if he so pleases, feed it into his backyard firepit.

At least I will’ve tried…

This sounds like a much bigger job than it is. In fact, it only takes about a half-hour to copy out a year’s worth of blog content. But since we’re talking 11 years, that’s still ample time suck, thankyouverymuch. But at this point I only have one year’s worth of posts left to dump into Wyrd files. This at least will keep what content is left in a form that can’t be magically “disappeared” by the upcoming change.

And when I say “what content is left,” I kid you not. At one point along the line, either WordPress or Big Scoots, my current web host, unilaterally decided to delete all the images in SIX YEARS’ worth of posts! Yes. Without asking my permission, without so much as telling me. So everything predating the first quarter of 2013 is absent most of the images I inserted. Isn’t that super?

At any rate, at least the copy is still there.

Apple’s substitution of iPhoto with the irritating and practically useless Photos program effectively ditched images that were made before the current operating system superseded the far more user-friendly OS of yore. They may not have been erased, but they’re hidden in the system so deep I’ll be damned if I can find them. So even if I wanted to take the time to track down the deleted WordPress images and use them to decorate the rescued posts, it would be a daunting and probably impossible task.

One of the things I did learn to do, thanks to that fiasco, was to save images that go into current blog posts separately from Photos, but copying them to a folder on…yeah…DropBox.

How can I do without these hassles? Let me count the ways…

All of this has interfered with my usual routine little hobby activities. Thank God there’s no paying work in-house!!! Didn’t get this week’s installment of Ella’s story written until the last minute. Whatever went online this week was not proofread and frankly I have no idea whether it makes any sense. I have not uploaded today’s installment of “Asked,” either, not because it isn’t there but because I’m effin’ All Computered Out.


Meanwhile, the Circus in the White House has gotten pretty entertaining, hasn’t it? The sleaze has been outed. Now…will our honored elected representatives get off their collective duff and do their job?

Really: even if Trump is indicted and/or impeached, that might be worse than what we’ve got. We then would end up with Pence as President. And Mr. Pence is, unlike our present Great Leader, decidedly not a clownish dunce. Mr. Pence is an accomplished politician who knows how to get things done. Unfortunately, he also is a doctrinaire fanatic, and so the things he’d like to get done are not necessarily things that are good for the rest of us.

This, I suppose, is the way the world ends…

There could be hope, though…check it out:

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  1. When I go back to old posts, I can see embedded images. Specifically, I was looking at the 2011-2012 time frame.

  2. 2011 seems to be the last year they stayed intact — at least, most of them. Some have been disappeared, for reasons incomprehensible. Go back to 2007. This, for example, sported a picture of the Burning Bush:

    Few if any posts before from 2007 to 2010 retained their images.

  3. On the happy side, though, it appears that DropBox has finally synced. Either their techs made that happen on their end (unlikely) or it took about 12 hours for the synced data to re-sync.

  4. I found some posts in 2009 where there was an image tag, but the image file could not be found. On the other hand, the link you shared is very odd. Looking at the code for this post there is no image tag within the post that would indicate a picture was ever supposed to be there. Pulling up your site index, it looks like any images from 2007 and 2009 are missing.

    A couple of other things I noticed. The last modification date for these older images is in August/September 2015. Did you update the site or move to a new host in this timeframe? Also, it looks like you’re using Backup Buddy, would the images be there for you to access still?

    • Yeah, we moved from BlueHost to BigScoots at one point. As I recall, that was when those earlier images got lost. I expect it’s either because the code was somehow incompatible or that BigScoots simply limited the amount of space available. Eleven years of daily posting creates a ton of data.

      We went to BigScoots because my Web Guru Par Excellence likes it — and other than this issue I must agree, they’ve been problem-free. Really, I don’t recall whether the old images were already disappeared by the time we moved over there…they might have been. Whatever, it doesn’t seem to have caused the universe to end, so I don’t feel too bad about it. 😀

      BigScoots has never presented any hosting headaches. BlueHost was constantly going down. When you’d get them on the phone, they’d say it was because a storm had knocked out the power in their little Utah town (likely: this usually happened during monsoon season), and then it was this server or that server went down, and then one day they told me it was because my site was too large and they wanted more money.

      When Grayson came on, he moved the whole lash-up over to BigScoots, which has never once choked, gagged, or hiccuped.

  5. there’s an internet archive where everything is stored:*/funny-about-money

    • Yah, I know. Don’t trust ’em to have everything…though I’ll probably check to see if somehow they managed to preserve the lost images.