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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Spending Frenzy!

So once again I ran amok at our favorite clothiery, the Cottage Garden in Glendale. Three of us wymmen have taken to meeting there, going crazy, and then running around the corner to a sweet little restaurant called The Spicery and eating ourselves stupid.

As always, I was in the market for shirts to go with my uniform, Costco blue jeans. And I found, ON SALE(!), a handsome black tunicky sort  of shirt, very nice looking. Some shirts, because of their architecture or their coloring or their pattern, hide the Boobless Wonder effect, and this is one that does so handsomely. It also, amazingly enough, hides the present pot belly created by my having mooned around for the past three months. Somehow, miraculously, it manages to make the flat top look unnoticeable and the belly look flat. 😀

Tomorrow SDXB is coming over for dinner and swimming.

Ahem. The problem is… When I go in the pool, I skinny-dip. I do not own anything that can be used to swim in the company of anything other than wild birds and tame dogs.  The old swim suits sitting in the drawer (why? Why have these not been tossed out?) have built-in bras and so a) are ridiculous and b) would not fit even if they were not ridiculous.

The relationship with SDXB is past the skinny-dipping phase, so I wanted to find something I could wear with a black (non-see through) cami to jump into the water. She — the proprietor —  had some lovely, cloud-soft knee-length tights. So naturally I had to buy those.

But probably, on reflection, I’ll just use the bottom of a two-piece swimsuit, since these sexy little pantaloons are way too nice to dip into chlorine water.

She — Mme. Proprietor — also had two of THE most gorgeous lace cover thingies, one in ivory cut much like a shirt, and one in black with wrist-length sleeves that looks, hevvin help us, very much like a Spanish mantilla. The latter is long enough to cover one’s tush, and so I believe it will look mighty amazing with black tights and a black cami or tank top.


But of course I could not stop there, eh? Ohhh nooooooo….

Whilst prowling around the store, what should I come upon but the niftiest little leather-looking handbags, with a wrist thingie to hang it from your paw or, alternatively, a long strap that you can hook on to sling it across your chest. It looks like leather (good) but it’s not leather (not so good). But more to the point, in addition to being compact and versatile, it is designed exactly as one would like to have such a baglet designed, if one had any say in the matter. It has two fairly generous sections AND six credit-card slots, each big enough to to hold more than one card.

My favorite and currently most used sandals are blue. Lo! they had one in exactly the color. But greed being the better part of valor, I realized I’d better grab one in black, so I’ll have something that will go with everything. Well. Almost everything.

Of late I’ve been trying to get away without carrying a purse at all. This can be done only if one wears something with pockets: to wit, jeans. But I’m getting mightily tired of Glorias, after all these years of wearing almost nothing else.

Most women’s clothes are short on pocket space. So these small, easily portable, minimalist bags will be just the thing. These things will allow me to wear stretchy tights, and they’ll be easy to hide in the car. It’s a nice compromise between no purse/full pockets and a hauling around a big old Coach bag.

Naturally I had to buy a pair of hand-crafted earrings. And a silver wire-wrap ring by the same guy.

So…ahem. I’m now bankrupt.

But money isn’t everything, eh?

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  1. What a nice little shopping spree! Hey, you have to treat yourself every once in a while, I think you can afford it. ;o)

    • Well, I hope I can afford it. Trouble is, I figure that at the end of my personal “fiscal year” (the month when I take the required minimum drawdown from my IRA), I’ll have about $700 left. But…uhm… I’ve spent $800 on clothes and stuff in the past two months. Ooops!