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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Wonders of the Brave New World

How can I say how much I miss the television?

You know: the free stuff that you didn’t have to cough up a gouge for so you could watch content with just as much advertising as the unpaid programming? The free service that you didn’t have to pay for a cable connection to view? That television.

Like…all I want to do is watch the evening news. Come into the office (no, you can’t watch this fine content from your easy chair: you get to sit in your wooden desk chair to watch video programming) and find the iMac has shut itself down. Or maybe I shut it down completely last night when it would NOT go into “sleep” mode. So I have to fire the whole damn thing up. Naturally it puts up a fight.

Try to load FireFox: the iMac decides I should load Word instead. No. I do not want Word! But now I have to wait for it to load , which it does not: it hangs. But FireFox does, so I get to wait a for it to tell it can’t find my “pages,” which presumably would be the pages that I didn’t have open at all when the damn thing went down. Now it’s clickety-clickety-clickety-clickety to get the PBS NewsHour to come up, then sit through an ad for a freight train line and for Consumer Cellular and for a long series of nonprofits.

And finally…news. Wow! It’s looking worse and worse for the Orange Buffoon. The (fired by the crooked buffoon and his henchmen) ambassador to Ukraine had to be subpoenaed to make it possible for her voluntarily to testify to Congress. He’s fighting back by riling up his stunningly ignorant, hate-filled, and scared sheep.

It’s like having Caligula in the White House. I mean the real Caligula: the demented Roman Emperor. The scary thing about it is that Caligula was symptomatic of the decline of the Roman Empire. Truly: there’s nothing new under the sun.

Rachel Maddow is talking as fast as she can talk. Even that breathless pace, we can barely keep up with the fast-and-furious breaking events. One criminal act after another…and not only that, but patently mind-boggling stupidity.

And you just keep returning to the fundamental question here — or at least one of them: what was wrong with the Republican leadership that they allowed the nomination of this moronic demagogue? Is Mitch McConnell really that stupid? Mike Pence: is he that dumb, or did he figure if Trump went into the White House it wouldn’t be long before he himself — Pence — would be occupying the Oval Office? If he’s not that dumb, is he really that craven? And is there any reasonable term for this corrupt behavior other than treason?

What times we live in….

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  1. Are McConnell and Pence stupid? Well… compared to Trump, definitely not. I think their main problem is hubris. And thinking they could manipulate Trump to do their bidding, so to speak. But combine stupidity, narcissism, and being completely out of touch with reality with real power and you get the Big Orange. There’s no reasoning with someone who literally can’t hear you.
    Anything that doesn’t jibe with Trump’s version of reality is simply dismissed or ignored. And I thought George W. was a dumb prez. Well, he still isn’t Mensa material, but at least he’s not petty, mean, white trash with cash who thinks he’s the center of the universe.

    • It’s hard to believe that in our lifetime we could get a President that makes W look good…and even relatively smart. Hubris is an explanation…and possibly a word in the same class as “craven” in this case. 😮