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Another Fine Day in the ‘Hood…Another “Fine” Apple Product

Y’know, just once it would be nice to sit outside on a beautiful afternoon and not have one’s loafing interrupted by a police chase.

Talk about your forlorn hopes… 😉

This afternoon I ensconce myself on the back porch, put my feet up on a chair and the computer on my lap, and start pasting and formatting chapters 2 and 3 of Ella’s Story into the Plain & Simple Press website.

And, by dayum! before I can even format the first heading, along come not one, not two, but THREE cop and TV helicopters. As it develops, a band of armed robbers committed some crime on the far west side. One of them made his way into east Phoenix (so we’re told) and hijacked a woman’s car. When the cops threw down a bunch of tire-busters, he jumped out and hijacked another woman’s pickup.

From there he led the cops on a merry chase, ultimately running up Conduit of Blight Blvd, across Gangbanger’s Way and into SunnySlop, where he abandoned the truck and ran into his mom and dad’s miserable slum apartment. They caught the poor schmuck, but not before considerable property damage was done, large numbers of taxpayer dollars were expended, and an abrupt end was brought to anything resembling peace and quiet.

It gets tiresome. Once again I had to pack up everything, call the dogs inside, lock up all the doors, and forget any silly ideas about enjoying my backyard.

Speaking of silly ideas, remember that great Apple slogan, “It just works”?

Have you noticed how they’ve stopped using that?

Presumably because the operative phrase is now “It just doesn’t work.” And lest you think that is not a widespread phenomenon: it is Tuesday afternoon just now. The SOONEST I can get this practically brand-new MacBook in to the purported “Geniuses” to see if they can and will fix it is 4:15 — the height of rush hour — next Friday afternoon!

The key for the B character has stopped working. The only way I can type a letter “B” is by copying and pasting it.

Look this up on the Web and discover it’s a known issue that’s been happening since 2016!

How long do you suppose it takes Apple to fix a thing like this?

My other two Macs are upwards of nine years old, and they’ve never had a key just stop working.

uying Purchasing this pricey little bastard was a big mistake. Clearly, it was time to go back to the PC, with all its equally annoying headaches. At least a PC is relatively cheap — when it craps out you can go buy a new one.

The magically self-disabling “b” is not the only irritant with this keyboard. The keys are slightly larger and slightly further apart than they were on earlier models. Result: every third time a finger reaches for a key, it either hits the wrong key or it hits two keys. This means what once used to be a fast, accurate typing style now produces a mish-mash of typos: to wit, gobbledy-gook.

Looks like it’s time to go out and get an inexpensive PC from Costco and re-learn Windows. Then figure out how to get all the MacData into Windows format — shouldn’t be hard, because every file that matters was produced in Office programs, and they’re all stashed on DropBox. But it will add to the endless hassle factor.


Copy, Paste….B b

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  1. If you’re going for a new PC…might I suggest sticking with HP? I have had a number of their products and they have worked flawlessly.

    • I hate to put a lot of money into a machine that I know is going to frustrate me — quite possibly even more than the Mac does. It’ll take a year or so to get back into the “Windows” environment.”

      Just now I’m using an old ergonmetric keyboard — yes, the “B” key does work, suggesting it’s a mechanical, not a software issue with the Mac. The nice thing about this Microsoft keyboard is that it has a numeric keypad… I really DO hate hunting and pecking to enter numbers arranged in a straight row over the letter keys. And unlike the new MacBook Pro’s keyboard, the keys on this old thing are not so far apart that they force you to enter typo after typo after typo. Some of the combination key commands don’t work — option-escape, for example, does not translate to alt-escape or alt-start.

      Turns out the Windows logo (NOT “Ctrl”) is the equivalent of the Mac’s “Command” key. This is a handy clue.

      Big problem with using a real keyboard on a laptop, though, is that it negates the “lap” part: you HAVE to sit at a desk, which given the long hours I work on computers makes my back hurt. And it also means I can’t work in front of the iMac, which streams entertainment to dull the pain of boring labor.