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New Adventures in Real Estate

So time and Tony’s nursing-home schemes trundle on.

Since my last post, I determined that I’d better move out of here while the movin’s still good. Encountered a handsome young real estate agent () and spent most of yesterday gallivanting around the North Central part of the city looking at houses on the market.

And we did find a really nice place…not far from here! Just below Main Drag South. About the same size as the Funny Farm. Freshly renovated. Nice neighborhood. Convenient to all that which this house is convenient unto.

O’course, that nearby location means even if I keep my name out of the public record, Tony can easily follow me home if he spots me — as sooner or later he will — and then he will know where to harass me.

Oh well. The place is so appealing and so perfect, I was willing to take that chance.

So we wanted to invite M’hijito to come and see it before I arrive at a final decision to make an offer.

When I called him last night, he threw a baroque sh!tf!t. He does NOT think I should move out of this house, nor does he seem to believe that Tony represents any real threat.

Funny. The judge he threatened sure as Hell did.

Ohhhh welll…

The kid actually proposed to take over control of my financial affairs. O’course, he’d have to prove I’m incompetent, which he can’t. Especially since I can easily trot out the court transcript that records Tony threatening the judge. But an attentat like that would, you may be sure, permanently blight the mother-son relationship. Such as it is.

About 80% of the reasoning for selling this place and moving away from the Nursing Home Empire is to preserve the capital presently invested in real estate here in the ‘Hood. The Funny Farm is fully paid off, and just now is worth something over over half a million dollars. That is a bit under half my total net worth. So this house represents a large part of the estate he will inherit from me.

Well. If he doesn’t give a damn whether it loses value as it’s surrounded by commercial enterprises, why should I? And why should I go to the endless trouble and probably even more endless work entailed in transferring funds and moving house, just to preserve an asset that will go to him one way or another, whether it’s worth what it’s worth now or not?

Et honi soit qui mal y pense…


8 thoughts on “New Adventures in Real Estate”

  1. I almost ask what M’higito thought. Well if he is OK… Besides if he tried to say you were incompetent lol you could just point of these blogs 🙂 I would say that they are proof that you are sharp as a tack!

  2. If you like the new place and it’s affordable, then buy it. Never mind what your son thinks. It’s your decision to make.
    Move before your place loses value due to Tony’s nursing home empire.
    By the way, once you move, why should Tony even care about you to follow you to the new place.

    • Well, that house has been on the market forty days…a circumstance that is akin to a burglar alarm ringing through the night. Houses are moving — often, literally — in three days; certainly within a matter of a couple of weeks. That’s how hot the market is. So here we have a handsomely upgraded shack in a nice neighborhood in toney North Central…howcum it hasn’t sold?

      Well…I’ll tellya… At one doorway between rooms, we found a clumsily repaired crack, and it looked like it was a big’un. Tracking down from the ceiling to the upper right corner of the door opening, then down the door’s frame, it had been stuffed with a thick layer of DAP, then painted over.


      Meanwhile, the house’s concrete floors had been covered over — quite attractively — with laminated wood. All very nice…and it meant that if that crack went across the floor/foundation, it was effectively hidden.

      Foundation cracks are a fairly frequent problem here, partly because of shoddy construction practices but more frequently because of the caliche (a type of clay) that passes for soil in the Valley. This stuff expands when it gets wet and shrinks when it dries out — and does so fairly dramatically. Result: if the foundation isn’t built to accommodate this expansion & contraction (and most are not…), you can get some serious structural cracks. The repair, if it can be done, is likely to be spectacularly expensive.

      A lot of houses in this area have serious foundation problems. And that crack was a loud burglar alarm…if we’d gotten to the point of making a bid, I would have insisted on getting a REALLY top-flight architectural inspection. Because…well…some things, you just don’t wanna deal with.

      My guess is that any buyer in the know took one look at the ill-repaired crack, grabbed his hat, and ran for the door. If anyone got to the home inspection stage, that crack would have been a red flag.

      Tony is a vengeful fella. He’s interested in making trouble for me, and occasionally he takes another pass at it. Just now, for example, he’s installing another nursing home…right across the street from the Funny Farm. Wherever I go, I would like him not to know how to find me.

  3. Your son threatened to go to court to find you incompetent? Thats a pretty nuclear level threat, and one he has absolutely zero chance of following through on. The bar for incompetence is not “my mother makes decisions I don’t like”. If it were me, I would tell him to pony up the money to buy you out of your half of the house he is living in, sell the funny farm and move to Santa Fe. But then I hate the hot weather!

    • Yeah, Santa Fe is wonderful. It can snow there in the wintertime, though. And it’s very expensive, as a venue to live in.

      One thing’s for sure: he ain’t likely to get any more funding from the Bank of Mom. 😀

  4. my opinion is stay where you’re at unless you truly feel unsafe (then move further away). The market is insane and you will have lots of fees. Then you have to start over making it “your” home which also is expensive. there are always nasty surprises in a “new” house. But safety trumps everything.

    • Yes, I’m afraid you’re right. Moving is no fun under the best of conditions. And “when you’re old” is decidedly not a “best of conditions.”

      Having the neighborhood converted into a horizontal old-folkerie is annoying, but it isn’t the end of the world. To my mind, the risk is that it will torpedo property values here. But….

      But…???? If you’re going to live in the place until you die, why on earth would you care? As long as these institutions make no noise and no mess (and it must be said that Tony’s operation does keep the houses neat and quiet), even if they lower the property value, it doesn’t matter to me…except maybe we neighbors can extract a reduction in property taxes from the county. And since the kid doesn’t seem to get the point that the reason I would move would be, specifically, to preserve the value of property he will inherit, why an I getting my self in a sweat?

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