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You thought YESTERDAY was another lovely day in Arizona?

Hah! Every day is lovelier than the next. Check out this little fella..

….and tell me if you don’t think our sweet pet Rattie isn’t one helluva lot cuter than that rat…

Which is cuter? Rat 1 or Rat 2?

Rat 1’s handsome profile was captured early of a fine Arizona day on a neighbor’s security camera.

See that thing in his hand? That’s not a Budweiser…that’s a pistol, wrapped in a plastic grocery bag.

The gate he’s coming out of? That’s an alleyway entry to a neighbor’s backyard. The photo was caught yesterday by someone’s security camera and posted to the neighborhood Facebook page. Said the proprietor: “This individual was spotted at approximately 7:25 this morning exiting our backyard at our home on El Caminito Dr. I did not see any evidence on any of our security cameras of this gentleman entering our backyard.”

At first I thought it was our boy, the one the cops were chasing around yesterday. But now I think this fella is a little older than that kid, healthier-looking, somewhat better built. So we have not one but two of ‘em frolicking around the alleys.

Meanwhile…the evening sun is sinking like a red-rubber pie tin. The air is still thick and brown from the smoke drifting across from the West Coast, the sun so dim you can stare right straight at it. Though one (who does not suffer from asthma) has no problem breathing it, the stuff out there can’t be very good for you.

My plan is to catch Rat 2 and stick her in a cage with a big bowl of bird seed (she loves bird seed) and a bag of oranges (she adores oranges), toss her and the dog in the car, and start driving driving driving. Patagonia, here we come!

Hummer heaven: Patagonia

2 thoughts on “You thought YESTERDAY was another lovely day in Arizona?”

  1. Was the neighbor’s alleyway gate unlocked? They do lock, don’t they? Not blaming your neighbor, just concerned. Also, Thank God he didn’t try to force his way inside!

    • Evidently not locked, or at least not very convincingly — the image doesn’t indicate that the guy busted the gate. A lot of people just have those little lever latches, set low enough that it would be hard to reach them by reaching over from the outside. My back gates (there are two of them on the exit to the alleyway…) have padlocks. The one that opens into the front yard, though, has a deadbolt. In any event, a six-foot wall is easy for most reasonably fit burglars to jump over. That wall looks like it’s been built up, though: probably eight feet. You have to get a city permit to do that.

      The locals tend to be heavily armed, so forcing your way into a house would be ill-advised. Plus a lot of houses have alarm systems. Mostly you’d have to be very, very stoked on meth to do anything quite that stupid, unless you were sure no one was home. 😀

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